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Hiiiiii Ladies, I figured I really should get a...

Hiiiiii Ladies,

I figured I really should get a review started as I have been so grateful for all the others who took the time out to post reviews and pictures. Here goes. I'm 32 years old, about 5'6" and weight uhhhhhhh about 200 lb.... I think 50lbs is all breast meat. Lol. I have been "blessed" with big boobies all my life. The women on both my maternal and paternal sides of the family are big busted. I currently wear a 36H!!!!! My insurance approved my reduction a few months ago and I am scheduled for surgery in a just 2 days. Insurance is requiring removal of 1000gs per breast. My PS says that shouldn't be a problem at all. I'm not as concerned with scarring as much, I am just looking forward to not having constant neck, shoulder and back pain.

I would be great with a large C, small D cup. Not much smaller or I think it wouldn't fit my frame.

13 hours and counting!

I can't believe all this is happening so quickly. I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be at this point. I have been trying to get everything together as far as Christmas Shopping for the kids. I haven't prepped as much for myself after surgery. Today I went to get a bed rest pillow with arms. A few ladies in the forum swore by this. Hopefully it'll be comfy enough until I can sleep as normal. I didn't get any any scar cream or vitamin stuff. I have been swamped, this down time from the surgery is going to be the most Ill be still in a long time. I did load my kindle with books, some audiobooks.

I don't know if I'll get much reading done, but wishful thinking.

On my way...

So I'm on my way to the surgical center, and am so excited. I took some more before pics this morning in shirts that is know will fit so much better after surgery.

I made it!!!

I'm really tired so I post more details and some pics tommorrow. I am so glad I did this, and although I am all bandaged up I feel so relieved to not be carrying around 9, yes 9lbs more of breast. Thanks so much ladies for all your support. You don't know how much you've meant to making this process easier and less frightening.

Wait not 9lbs..

It was 5lbs total, plus 250g of side lipo.

More Before Pictures

These are pics I took the morning of so I can compare once I get the bandages off.

Day 2

I feel good today. I even got all dressed up and went to Walmart. I was able to button a jacket that I couldn't button even when I purchased it. This is with me still being all bandaged up. So it'll be even better once I get all the dressings of. I am sore, but managable being that I haven't taken my rx all morning. I have been taking dulcolax....nothing yet. How long should it take to kick in? I feel bloated. Ok well I'll try to take a few pics now


Huge difference!

Day 4

Well (knocks on wood) I am feeling fantastic. Very grateful that my recovery has been well. By no means pain free, but manageable. Yesterday I went to the hair salon, I know it was early but I needed it. Boy I was exhausted at 3, when I got home at 5 I stayed in bed. Actually I'm still resting now. I did feel a little more sore after being up all those hours without my handy dandy pillow. I feel much better now.

I am still so anxious to go to the Dr. on Monday to make sure my feeling good is signs of the healing also gong well.

I'm so ready to bathe!!!!!!!.I'm not allowed to do anything more than sponge bathe by "important parts" until my follow up :( It's hard!

Then I want a glass of wine, help me girls, can I?

Day 5

I couldn't sleep at all last night. Ive been up since about 3 am. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good, I did have to take a dose of my rx pain meds. I felt really tight and sore. I feel better now. I'm still itchy around the sides where lipo was performed and also along the bottom of the surgical bra band. I followed everyone's advice today and really took it easy. Made a few phone calls, watched some tv. I'll check in Tomm after my appointment, I can't wait to get a look...... And a shower!

I saw them!

Today was the unwrapping if my girls. I was nervous to see them. But I'm in love. My PS was happy with my healing. She tested my sensitivity....check. I was also given my pathology report....check! When she removed the bandages there was spot of weird colored discharge, she undid one of strips and inspected my breast where it came from and was satisfied it was not an infection. She said sometimes when the surgical soap they use mixes with discharge that will happen. Just the term infection made me nervous so I confirmed and reconfirmed that I shouldn't be worried, and she said it looks great, no other signs and not to worry about it.

I also questioned her about the amount of grams removed. I was approved thru my insurance based on a 1000g removal, she removed just over 900 grams from each breast. Again she reassured me that we were so close there shouldn't be a problem and if so she would argue to include the tissue removed from the lipo from my sides of the breast. She does such a high volume of reductions, I'm trusting her. I am a worrier and can't stress myself out about an infection that she says isn't there and possible insurance non payment.

I am cleared to shower. Yayyyyyyyy! She told me to be leave the strips on as long as they will stay. My next appointment is in 2 weeks.

Since I had lipo under the arms I have 2 soft pads that were placed inside the bra, under my arms. I was told that it is used to keep compression on that area so it doesn't hold fluid. I have to have help to put the pads in. She told me to keep using them until they get funky...about a weeks. I don't really have draining there.

Soooo let's talk about the girls. She says I am still really swollen, in the breast area and under the arms. She said everyday I'll see them changing. I would be ok with them at the size they are now, likewise I think if they are swollen and will be a little smaller I would be ok with that. There's no pain from lugging big ole boobs.

I'll post pics later, I have to wait until hubby comes home and can help get the pads back in. I would definitely do this again. No regrets so far.


Fyi I never thought I would ever have pics of my tatas on the world wide web.

Anyway, tell me what you think. The scar on my left breast is a little nick...idk what happened there.

The long vertical line along the side of my breast is just an indentation from the pads I wear on my sides. Again she said they are still really swollen. I think they look great

1 week comparison

3 week update

I have been slacking with my review. Overall my recovery is going well. I still am exhausted by the end of the day. I have been feeling really good. I am absolutely sure this was the right thing for me to do. Ok let's talk about my few complications. I have 3 small opening one the bottom of the t juction on the left breast and on both breast there is a smaller opening at the cut right under the nipple. It freaked me out!!!!! I discovered it Sunday when a certain steristrip was annoying me so much I had to remove it. I thought I was coming apart at the seams. I immediately called my PS emergency line and she called me back, told me it was normal and nothing to worry about. This didn't settle me much because I wanted to be seen, luckly my 3 week checkup was the next day. She removed all steristrips. That's when I saw the other 2 separations. She said no infection and showed me how to do the wet to dry dressings. Everything else looks great. I was given the go ahead to star scar treatment and massage. She said the biooil was fine.

Just out of curiosity, I wen to get measured at Victoria Secret last wee, I know it's too early for accuracy. They measured me as 38 dd. remember I was a 36h........ I mentioned this to my PS she said I should be a solid D when the swelling is down. The band should go down as well... I am still really really swollen on the sides from the lipo.

Some days I look in the mirror and still feel like they look huge. I know it must me be because the clothes look different. Other days I look in the mirror amazed at the smallness of them.

All that aside I haven't felt back and neck pain since my surgery. That in itself makes it worth it.

Old bra on new boobs

Since I have had a hard day today regarding feeling ok with the hugeness of my boobs I had to find a way to show myself there really is a difference.

First let me say sorry!

I have been sooooooo swamped since I got back to work, then my classes started. I've been a horrible updated. So let's get to it. Last Monday I went for my 6 week checkup. It went pretty good. My PS, said everything, including my few open spots are healing great. I got the all clear to workout and get back to normal. I was told I can wear other bras, no underwire. And she told me not to buy too many because I'm still significantly swollen. I was glad to hear that because I still feel quite big sometimes.

I have a couple plain cotton bras that don't have underwire, but they irritate my incisions underneath. So for now I'm still loving my very ugly surgical bras. They are soooo un-sexy. But comfy.

All in all... I must say, I love them more and more everyday. I fell more comfortable in my clothes, I'm able to button shirts I have never been able to before. I am going to start working out, so my body can be as great as my boobs :). I'm open to suggestions.

I'll post pics from my phone in a min.

The pics

Another thing, my skin on my breast is still really dry, I use bio oil daily, it's getting better but those dry patches are going away very slowly.
Are you guys using anything different?
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