What if People Judge Me? - Fort Worth, TX

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Hi I'm 17 years old and have always wanted small...

Hi I'm 17 years old and have always wanted small boobs... I have a size 32/34 D.. I know small compared to all the other reviews, but I'm 4;7 soo Ds on me are like DD or DDD on any normal sized person. But my only concern is what if people notice? I know silly concern but I've been hiding then since 7th grade and still people noticed. I'm a dancer so I have to change in front of a ton of people sometimes so everyone knows I have large breasts... I know they know because they tell me all the time how big they are and I'm very self continuos about them so attention to that area of my body is never wanted at all times. I think I'm just embarrassed and scared people will make fun of me....and I know y'all will say don't pay attention to all those people. Easier said than done. They will always be their and always have something to say and it hard to always ignore them. But I want to get a smaller size because whenever I dance or run they always get in the way and I have really bad posture because of all the weight... So I'm just confused and need some input by other people who have had a BR.
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