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I had Breast Implants,2 sets,that had to be...

I had Breast Implants,2 sets,that had to be removed because of Breast Capsulation around Implant on left breast.That's a total of four surgeries.The first set of Implants were Silicone Gel Implants and had to be removed because of,hard as a rock and extremely painful,Breast Incapsulation of left breast.Then,since I have small breasts,when the Silicone with Saline Implants came out,I had a set of those put in and because of left breast Incapsulation,I had to have another surgery to remove them.I really need another surgery to have a breast lift because the implants streched my skin so my breasts are nearly on my waist so I had and know of many,many women that have had this same problem and it's very hard on you mentally as well as physically to go through all those surgeries and look WORSE than when you first tried the first set.
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I was told they were safe and there were very few problems if any with silicone base implants but that's not true.There are severe complications as I've told you of my situation and as for myself,I wouldn't even have contemplated having breast implants if I knew about possible capsulation of silicone implants in the beginning,with my first set.Thanks for listening,please,choose wisely.I hope this doesn't happen to you but it did to me.

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