Totally Worth It on Frown Lines

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*Treatment results may vary

On 9/09 had two syringes done on frown lines...

On 9/09 had two syringes done on frown lines (marinete lines) some of the nasolabial folds. I had deep folds from the corners of my mouth down to my chin area.

On 10/16 went back and had one more syringe on one side of mouth. It was worse than the other to begin with. Did not have to use all of syringe to fill in, so the rest was used on the nasolabial folds above.

The pros are it was an immediate result. Another pro is that it is four months later and it still looks good, not quite like it did at first.

The fantastic part was how it made me feel about myself. Not one person noticed or asked any questions. However I got many comments on how happy and good I was looking. Another pro was that the little jowls that had started to pop out went away.

The cons were that I did bruise. I bruise easily and was not surprised by that. It was easily covered up by makeup. I believe the bruising was due to the massageing of the area. I also had a few lumps that were not really visable.

I am somewhat certain I will renew the areas at about 6 months. I have read that only 40% goes away and that if I continue to use I will need less and less of it. Only time will tell. I considered Juvederm as it advertises it last up to one year. However everything I have read says 3-4 months.

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