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I am 25, no kids, 5'7 and around 145-150 lbs. I...

I am 25, no kids, 5'7 and around 145-150 lbs. I got my implants that I have now in Feb 2010. I was 20 at the time and went from a negative A cup (lol, aka: back flat) to a C cup. Well it's been 5 years and I am ready to upgrade to larger, fuller, and a more extensive cleavage!!!! I am going to my consultation on March 24th. Planning on getting surgery the first week of May :) Don't get me wrong. My C cups are okay, but i hate the runway in my middle (no cleavage, never had before and didn't get much after). I will post my before (with current implants). I don't know if i have any pics of the back flat i was before. I know i used to have "constrictive breasts" before my 2010 surgery. I will post my wish pics at what i want to achieve in another post and keep you updated. I have been through the breast augmentation recovery before, so I know what to expect! In 2010 I think i got 325-350cc's. Silicon. Through the nipple. And under the muscle. I don't know much else about them. I am debating how to get my upgraded set ;) My first surgeon was great. But I am not going to him this time. I am going to go to a local surgeon within 20 minutes of my house. Instead last time i went almost 1 hour away for surgery, and that was a pain to drive. I am not reviewing my old set of implants!

Yes I want bigger, better, implants :)))) I am considering DD, DDD, E, and F (max). I read online that a 36DD is the same as a 34E and that a 36E is a 34F. And that America is the only country that uses DD and DDD sizing. In other countries they use D, E, and F for the larger sizes. (If that makes any sense.)
So I think I am a 34. So that is why I am considering as high as an E/F. I am not 100% sure on it, that is why i'll update the size I choose after my first consultation!!

Wish Boobs. The look I hope to achieve after surgery in May.

These are my WISH BOOBS. These are the size I hope to achieve after my surgery. I want bigger and better breasts along with cleavage. I hate the separation between my breasts now. I love these. I found all these pictures on yahoo images searching "Cleavage Large Breast Implants". I will keep you updated! Consultation in 1 week and few days :) I hope to become a DD to E cup size!

More Wish Boobs. Thinking of 800cc Silicon.

Browsed all over Realself and found more wish boobs. I found them on many different "wish boob posts" of other ladies ;] I am considering 800cc silicon to achieve my goal look. Consultation in 1 week and 2 days :) Can't wait! So ready for these beauties :)

Consultation yesterday, booked surgery date for May 6th. 800cc Mentor HP Silicone.

I found a picture of a lady who is similar to me in height, weight, and she has 800cc silicone. So hopefully I will be somewhat similar in size. Although, I could not find her original size before any BA. She had a revision and size increase and it did not say her BA size.

Yesterday I met with Dr. Ritrosky and he was very spunky and upbeat. I was pleased with the wait time, the staff, and the explanation of what he could do for me. Dr. Ritrosky listened to what I wanted and went from there. We decided on 800cc Mentor High Profile Silicone with inframammary incision (crease incision) and under the muscle. Dr. Ritrosky said I would have a nice projection and that my current breast would double with the 800cc.

I found my old implant card from 2010 and can you believe that i currently have 421cc in each breast with Naturelle Silicone implants. I went from flat as board before my 2010 surgery. So you can see how tiny 421cc look on me! I am a tall girl though, so sizes look different on each body.

I had to put a $500 deposit to hold my date of May 6th for surgery, which is completely understandable. I wanted to hold my date for sometime during the first week of May, so i could finish up my spring semester. This summer i am planning to do online classes that way I would be completely healed before fall semester in Aug.

:) I am beyond excited! I can not wait for the healing part to be over, since I know the pain to come lol. I am looking forward to having pretty breasts with flirty but sexy cleavage! I never had cleavage before implants in 2010, and after my current implants, I still did not get much cleavage. I am ready for this :) I have to do my blood work within the next 2-3 weeks (any day i have time really), and i have to pay the rest of my balance by the end-ish of April.

I am so happy with the quote price, because i was worried that with a revision (removing old implants) and going with the largest 800cc, would somehow make the quote go over 7k or something. Which I can't afford at the moment. Dr. Ritrosky is still running a special getting $1,300 off a breast augmentation, so I was quoted exactly what I wanted at $5,200. I thought it would be around that price, because I read another RealSelf review from Ritrosky, and that lady recently had her BA a few months ago and it was the same price. So that is why I was excited that it was so affordable :) woot woot ^.^

The office environment was nice and quiet, the front desk lady offered my husband and I, cold bottled water. The staff was very friendly, especially the books/financial coordinator desk lady. She was super bubbly and had a kind attitude.

So far, so good. Everything seems great and I am so happy :) Will update information along the way!!

-KEEP IN MIND: Depending on the work each person needs done, quotes can vary person to person!!

Surgery 2 weeks from today.

Well yesterday i paid my remaining balance in full and got my prescriptions for medication. Only 2 weeks until the big day! I am so not looking forward to the grogginess after surgery but excited for larger breasts.
I am going HP 800cc mentor silicone with crease incision. I am beyond excited to have cleavage! I can not wait until I am 2 months post op and healed up. I feel relaxed because I already know what is to come! The doctor said women who have gone through BA the 2nd time, find the experience to be better and less painful. Well hopefully that is the case for me. I am expecting pain but then again hoping for a speedy quick recovery time.

Now to finish up finals at school then to get the BIGGER BETTER BOOBIES ;) So ready for this :D no worries, no stress, just taking it day by day!!! 14 days to go!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Well surgery day is tomorrow. It sure did get here fast. The past 2 days I've felt some stress and anxiety. I mean, everyone gets nervous! I know everything will go smooth, but my mind is playing all these "what if..." senerios. Today I got my stuff with surgery being tomorrow. I was hoping my time of month would come early this month, so I would of been off it in time for surgery. But nope, mother nature came 2 days late. I think that my mixed emotions and higher worries/stress levels are due to my monthly and it has been giving me the anxiety.

Well tomorrow I say goodbye to my 421cc mod naturelle (spell check?) silicone implants and will greet my 800cc high profile mentor silicone implants! I've done lots of research and assured myself that 800cc is not that big. It has crossed my mind, what if they are too big though. I do believe that 800cc will be the best for me and the look I hope to achieve. Hopefully these new implants last at least 10 years or longer! I don't want to have to make breast augmentation revisions a normal thing, you know!

Overall I am just ready to fast forward time and be 2 months post op already (: not too thrilled for this next week of back ache to come.

Will update pictures as soon as i can. Hoping i don't get too much frakenboob. Looking forward to the drop and fluff stages in the weeks to come (:

Feeling great today!

Well today is Friday and I had surgery Wednesday morning. I am feeling so much better today. It is true what they say, second breast augmentations are so much easier and smoother than the first BA experience. The day of surgery and yesterday, i had to have help to sit upright. Today i can lean up slowly all by myself. woot.

Surgery day: Ended up with 800cc Moderate Plus Profile Silicone Mentor implants. Doctor said the high profiles shot to sides on me and said the MOD+ would give me the cleavage that i am wanting. Before surgery I had a horrible tummy ache (On period). I eventually went the bathroom before getting hooked with IV's and actually went yay! So i went back and waited for them to finish up another surgery before me. The nurse was super nice and kept me calm. The anesthesiologist was awesome. She was funny and sweet to me. She gave me some medicine that made me feel loopy and good. I went to the surgery table, laid down, and a few moments later it was over. Woke up, I remember the nurse dressing me, and me asking some crazy questions lol. My husband told me a lot of what i was saying, and i remember NOTHING. crazy how you can talk and have a conversation and then not remember it. I went to the bathroom (changed tampons) and i don't remember that either. I got into car to head home, and i remember that!

Once home i got right into bed in the guest room. woke up a few hours later nauseous and threw up :( took my nausea pill and pain killer and went back to sleep. I slept forever. Woke up at 11pm took a quick shower rinse off, i know on the day of surgery is bad, but i can't sleep dirty! i got dressed slowly with help of husband, and then got into my bed in master room. Slept the entire night fine. Took laxative powder that day too. Pain this day was a 6 out of 10. ate 3 bananas and 2 puddings. couldn't eat anything else that day.

Post Op Day 1 next day: WOke up, went straight to guest bed to relax and sit upright at angle. took meds, started taking antibiotics this day. pain was 5 out of 10 this day. not bad. some nausea but took my zofran odt. ate a pudding that morning. slept a lot. about 5pm finally had a real meal. Got a bowl of broccoli cheese soup from panera bread and a bowl of tomato soup from panera. Ate them both, a few hours apart. took a shower, felt fine, no pain. always took my time and didn't rush doing anything. went to lay down for bed in master bedroom. Had a shooting pain from center of chest to my back. Had to take extra pain killer, and nausea pill cause i almost got sick again. eventually feel asleep, slept through entire night.

Post op day 2: Today feeling awesome. did a few light chores around house slowly. Pain is 2 out of 10. Not hurting, feeling like i could go out if i wanted. But am not going to go out! Been taking half a percocet every couple hours since yesterday. Trying not to take much of it, everytime i take pills i get sleepy and nap though. I can easily get up on my own slowly and do not need much help. I did laundry slow and gently picking up the wet clothes to put in dryer. I am feeling SO good today. I can lift my arms up slowly and this second breast augmentation has been such a breeze. so much easier the second time around.

Right now my breasts are tight and high and don't feel crazy large. They are the 800cc mod plus silicone. I'll update pictures soon. I can't wait till drop and fluff. i look tight right now. I went through the crease incision. So far everything is great. Going Tuesday for first check up appointment. :)

2 days post op. Super tight, super squished, not quite boobs yet. Just swollen and no shape yet.

I took 2 pictures right after showering! Put some lavender oil on my breasts and snapped these. 800cc mod+ silicone.

One picture i included is a random Drop and Fluff inspiration photo. See what a couple months of the implant settling can do!

Keep in mind without implants i have no breast tissue and was an A cup without implants. Basically I'm 99% implant and the 1% of me is the skin LOL.

No shape yet, no fluffing, no roundness yet. Super tightness! My implant feels like it's a pancake right now lol. Please hurry drop and fluff. MY implant is at my collar bone and under my arms some! I know in 2 months they will look so much better!

I'll take pictures again in a couple days (: I'm so excited to have real cleavage soon after the D&F stages.

Day 9 Post Op

Implants still not settled. Skin is slowly stretching to adjust to new implants. The middle area (cleavage area) is taking the longest to settle. It has only been 9 days though. Today i feel great and back to myself completely. I get my stitches removed in a couple days on my 2 week post op mark! So far, so good!

2 and a half weeks post op.

Feeling normal. Already used to the new size. Still patiently waiting for drop and fluff and the settling of cleavage area. It's still like tight in the cleavage (always had 0 cleavage). Doctor said it will round out. Don't have to go back to see doctor until 3 months! Breasts should look great by then (: still have a lot of changing to do! Each day they change a little.
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