Going in for my Second Breast Reduction - Steilacoom, WA

So i guess i will tell you about myself. 29 y/o...

so i guess i will tell you about myself.

29 y/o female, active duty military. i honestly did not think my breasts were big when i was becoming a teenager...until i got sized. come to find out i was a 32f at around the age of 18.
skip forward a couple of years and i join the army at the age of 26. my breasts started to become an issue when i would wear my body armor. i would have pains in my chest, back, shoulders and neck. i was able to get a referral for my first breast reduction(first surgery ever!) and had it done june 2011. things went great for recovery, and i assumed i would be a large b/small c cup. i also had my nipples resized and i thought they looked great.
i started to notice some darkened skin around some scars and thought it would do away..after a year of healing and a deployment i realized it was part of my old areola, my breasts were also not the size i wanted and my left breast was considerably bigger than my right.
skip forward to now, i just got to my new station and went to my doc and told him i was not happy with the results. got another refferal and they called and saw me. waited a long time and now my surgery date is july 25th! i am excited but i am worried about what will happen since this is pretty much a complete reduction again also with taking some fat out of my armpit and fixing my nipple areas. i am worried about pain, recovery and would like to know if anyone else has had a secondary procedure to let me know how it went. thanks :)
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