Permanent Make Up Begins 8/30/2010 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I'm going to a reputable permanent make-up...

I'm going to a reputable permanent make-up artist. Yes, artist - her background is a make-up artist/esthetician. There was an article in the newspaper about her work. I met with my permanent make up artist - she discussed what I wanted, discussed procedure & downtime. Also, she did a patch test to check if I would have any reaction to the ink. I had a prescription filled for Acyvolir (Zovirax) since I'm doing my lips one concern is cold sores. I never had one but it was highly recommended that I take one before the procedure for prevention.

I did my research and it's very important you find someone who belongs to one of the associations in the field, a plastic surgeon recommends or someone who had it done & you like the results. The cost for my eyeliner (top & bottom) is $400.00 ea. The lip liner with blending is $800. This includes complimentary eyelash tinting and a follow up visit for any additional coloring/corrections.

I'm a little nervous and excited - this will take away the washed out look of a youthful 44 year old without having to go under the knife. I'll check in Monday afternoon to fill everyone on the procedure itself. Also, will post my before and after pictures...

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I had a great consultation experience and felt very comfortable with permanent make up artist, credentials, cleanliness and location of office.

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