Mammy Makeover Not so Sure about my RX

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I am search a Doctor I present lived in Boston but...

I am search a Doctor I present lived in Boston but I am looking to have my surgery in Florida where my friend are to help me out.
I wanna have done my Tummy Tuck, lipo of flanks and back and if is possible have best lift.

I need help I am looking to do my TT on july
Help me please!!!!!!!
I don't know what to do

i cannot Wait!!!!

It is real my sugery data it s set up for June 24!!!!!

Wish Pic



I got theCheck

Before Pic

I bougth the Tickets to Florida !!!

Now is more the official lol i am ready to Fly in two weeks i will be in Florida yeeeee...

14 days to Go To Miami

I had not sleeping well i cant wait for the big Day OMG i can even belive this is been happend to me lol...

June 18

On my way to Vanity Miami i cant wait !!!!

Finally I Arrived

It's been crazy to get in Florida .. I was plan to been in here on wens day 18 at 4pm but I had 8 hours plane delay in Boston after wait for all this time the Fuck Company Spirit Airlines send was home to came back on next day at 5 am . I got there 4am and the told me the plane is full I have to wait for the next one at 9 am I frick out been waiting since last night now more 4hours delay that's socks.. But anyway I finally arrived in Florida when I went to pick up my baggage where are they ?? Do you believe WAsnt there I looking for assistant and they told me will be in on next flight at 9 pm . I can hold and I cried cried like child my son said my this is not I big deal they said the will deliver to you but the think is I never felled treat like that before I been on this country for 12 years I never had had this kind problem before I friend came and pick me up and comfy me .. The baggage did not got delivery at the night they deliver next day at noon.

Meet my Pc at Vanity

To long story to be short I don't have PC she got fired they didn't know I have surgery on the 24 and the price it is not the same was I told ... But Daine my new PC going to leave like that I couldn't see the dr today because in Miami is in big storm and I can have my blood done and the dr won't be Fisher will be dr Bass fisher doesn't do extend tummy tuck I am piss off but everything got well so far .. So my surgery will be on Thursday after I see the doctor on Monday

Vanity Novel lol

Vanity it's not worse place on the word,but they do have a bad big missing understand between staff and coordinators. I think the better way to deal with them Ladies is having everything on write that is the only way you can approve what they promises to youThat is my advised .!!!!!

My surgery has been postponed

My surgery now is going to be on July 1 because I decided to have silicone and they need to order my sizes. When I so the dr last Monday I told the I was a set to do my surgery on wedsnday I sign all the paper work (the basic said " nothing is guaranty ") that made me scared but I am already here nothing else I can do . Dr Bass was extremely to strait said " your surgery is a lot of work about 6hs and your breast is very complicated because I have to re done this bad job they did on you" that is scared me but it is the true list that he knew what he need to do to put me in Shape I am going to be Glad .. Well ladies it s what it's i been wait for this more that 3years I am here now and I going thur the end .... Good Look for me lol

Wishes Boobs

Having fun in Florida before Surgery

Pay off surgery

All my economy for 2years!!!

24 hs

Now is official last them 24hs for my surgery I am so excieded ..

Dr Bass in Miami

It s real RS ladies it time to br on flat side lol .... Thank you God i am put my lide in your hand thru Dr Bass blessing him and me On name of Jesus Amem

2days po

At dr Office 2days po

2days PO

At Dr office

Vanity RHouse

The recovery house is beautiful Mansion supper clean and nice but when I bought this package for $2000.00 they though me not to worried about anything that is A BS ladies at first nite somebody sleep with you (not a nurse not personal assistant nothing just someone thAt maybe no even speak English ) for the first 12 hrs or so . She leaves at 6 am and came a laddie to clean the house clean your room give you supplies like paper towel and serve you one plate with fruit bagel an juice .. She doesn't speak one your in English but she tryed to help you out much she can ...she works 8-1pm after there you are in your own . Imagene how I feel ..pisssss the drive is such nice guy doesn't speak English idem (thank you God i understant Spanish) he drove me to The Clinic and overthere i made i big complain and they send somebody over but not. To be only with me was to be if all of us it 5 room .How Can Sheila hear me so far way vexasse my room were The last room close to The garagem in front of a laundry .so On The middle of nigth i Can get up to go to The bathroom so i scrrrrrreeeeammmm for help for 10 min útil she show up to help me ,...i call my pc at 4:30 am and i saíd i need someone to telk me to The bathroom "she i am at my house spleep everyone sleep go Back to sleep or get up and go " and hung up The fone on me morning i whent to see The doctor and i told everyone what happended

Days 2

2days PO


2days PO

PO pict

Dr Bass first visited so swelling

Concern about the nipple

10 days Po dr said is normal because I did not have enough skin to close well done




Still healing

On 7/12/14

I have to rum to emergency Room if concern on my nipple .... I was right I got nipple infection wooow Lord Help me

Today 7/25

I have to took off my left implant and put new one in six months ..I am so apseted .,,


When I first saw the Dr hi told me that my surgery were be complicated but hi could fix my nipple ...but I am fortunally that's not what happened the my left breast silicone I guess was too big for the little nipple that I have left some dead skin was left behind and the breast didn't have circulation on a run to ER and the did another RX had to be performed .. Left me if down silicone on my left breast . Now I have to wait to recovery for 6 months and after that put another one again ..

Getting Better

Almost 2months I start to felling better
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