Planning on getting my makeover done in a few months, Why is life so hard with this body?

Not very happy with my body, and it is negatively...

Not very happy with my body, and it is negatively affecting my daily life! enough is enough. I am currently working on my credit, to improve it as much as possible doing everything I can to increase the score! My goals are to get a tummy tuck with possible lipo in the belly area only, that will leave a very low, very minimal scar line, (not a big/high ugly one that leaves me looking like Frankensteins wife!), a breast lift (lifted pretty high at least to where they used to be or a little higher) and symmetrical saline implants submuscular , possibly about 600-650 cc's.

Waiting for credit history to improve to get loan! := :-*

I am now realizing how long it takes to improve your credit! I have decided I am going to apply for and hopefully get one proceedure at a time ! :-) so I have to wait another month to apply. :((, but hopefully I will be approved for the breast lift first. That is most important to me. Then the augmentation can come later, then the tummy tuck. I also plan to get laser scar and tattoo removal on some of my scars and tatts. Also I want braces or invisalign and teeth whitening. That is my total makeover! One step at a time...

Why I love this website

I love this website because I can share my pictures and thought s with others and see pics,reviews and thought s from others who have the sae problem as I do. This site makes me feel better to know other people are going through the same thing.

Millions of people are on here!! Thank you realself for understanding and supporting!

I am happily going to post pictures once I get my proceedures done

I will post pre op before pics and post ops every day to show progression! :-)I am exited, cant wait!.......hurry already

Pre Op- Before pic

cant wait to get approved for financing to get this makeover

My wish or hope to be examples of what I want

My wish or hope to be examples of the procedures I want, I have Doctor Don Revis as my chosen Md. but I am also looking into other doctors in my area, Broward and Miami areas for the best results. I may even get different procedures at diff docs because some doctors do certain things better than others...

pic of my full body before surgery

Im only 122 pounds, 5'2", and I work out, and try to stay healthy as a lifelong lifestyle commitment.
I am just showing my pre-op body for comparison to my future post op pics. Hopefully I have more curves, lift, etc...

My goal is to enter fitness competitions, increase muscle tone and stay fit for life!

Here are some more pics of the body/complete look I would wish to have after surgery/makeover.

I love my kids!

I just wanted to say I love my kids! They are my pride and joy, my blessings from God above.

Question about credit and My thoughts

I wanted to ask anyone who already received the surgery, what credit score did you have and how long did you have that score once your were approved?,
Also I wanted to say that I shouldn't be made to feel bad about wanting this surgery, but I am, even by my own family. I only want my body to be how and where it was at least before it was unfortunaley, and without my asking, ravaged by 3 pregnancies and breast feeding. Is that too much to ask.

I was denied from Care Credit AND MyMedicalFInacing and Springleaf, sad and frustrated

I was denied from Care Credit AND MyMedicalFInacing,also Springleaf, sad and frustrated. I dont understand why I was denied for only 4,000. I tired higher amounts, at first which didnt worrk, so I decided to try to break it down to getting one thing done at a time,($4000 instead of $12,000) figuring I could be approved for much lower amount, but nooooo. I have decent credit scores, so I dont understand! My scores are 605,613,and 639! I guess I have to keep the faith and try again later! They all say I need a cosigner, but I don't have anyone! Does anyone know of a cosigner that can help me out!?


MY CREDIT SCORES ARE DECENT: 646, 605, 613, BUT MY INCOME IS NOT HIGH ENOUGH because I am a stay at home mom of a baby and a college student working on my degree. Does anyone know of a cosigner who can help me on a care credit application? you will/they will not be liable to pay any money, not one dime, I will pay for everything, I am just trying to get approved for financing.

Life before my Mommy Makeover Surgery

Although I am happy, blessed to have three beautiful children, and thankful for life's, blessings, I am not happy with the unasked for trauma that occrred to my body and the depression and unattractiveness I feel. Also how I dont even feel capable of having a normal healthy, happy relationship with a male/man/guy because I dont even feel sexy or attractive to my husband or men in general any more. I am only 31! not 91! I am supposed to be/feel young sexy, beautiful, attractive to the opposite sex, not feel ugly. Why GOd? is what I find myself asking did this happen to me all the time. My life sucks. Cant wait to get my makeover! Thank God my children and family right now bring me the most joy in life.

Men are attracted to sexiness not sagginess or stretchiness!

Men are attracted to sexiness not sagginess or stretchiness! I know men are not attracted to saggy hanging breasts, stretched out swollen looking bellies, so why did God make so many women have to suffer and look like this after having children? It must be our punishment from the Garden of Eden. I wish this surgery was covered my health insurance because its not really cosmetic surgery, its CORRECTIVE SURGERY!!!!!!

My total Makeover Will Include

My Total Makeover/Treatments I plan to get will be:
TT, BL, BA, scar removal, Teeth whitening (done already with crest whitestrips (came out great by the way!!),permanent makeup retouch(had it twice before but it faded over the years), retainer or braces or invisalign again, latisse, and tattoo removal and coverup/enhancement.
I don't want any butt lift or augmentations, I love my butt! I'm fine with my butt.

Can they erase my profile from this site already???

I cant even erase this profile or comments. Does anyone know how I can get this profile off? I emailed them about it already, and they responded that they understand, but my profile is still on...??

Feeling ugly no matter what

I have some kind of problem I think, where I feel ugly, no matter what I hope getting this makeover helps, because my self-esteem is really low. I am very envious and jealous of most other women. Matter of fact I cant stand females.

Another Wish boobs pictures

I wish I could delete my profile until I finally get my surgery!

I hate waiting for this surgery, I have an excellent credit score, for months now, paying off all these bills to maintain and improve my score, and I still cant get approved now due to my low income and recent inquiries! Its so silly! The credit system is so silly. I think it might be next year once I get finally approved. I am studying for my bachelors degree at the University of Phoenix, and I plan to get a good paying job or open up my own business so I never have to struggle like this again. I already have my associates degree in business management.

My Wish surgery

I know my nipples are darker, but I really want this surgery.
I love the size and shape of the finished product.

Just want to update, I LOVE MYSELF!! I AM BEAUTIFUL

I love myself, love my life, love my beautiful children. I am beautiful, even though my body is not perfect, compared to a lot of women who have not had any children yet. I know my body is this way as a result of going through one of life's greatest experiences and occurences, as a woman on this earth! Having children! I am blessed and thankful! I am still who I am, my soul, my person, on the inside and I know I am working to soon get what I want to get (bl/ba/tt) done so I can look as beautiful on the outside as I am on the inside!! I also want to share wih th real self community, how important it is to eat healthy, everyday, and exercise/workout regularly as a part of your daily /weekly ongoing llllllllifestyle, for the rest of your life to reap the benefits of true total beauty: which includes excellent health, spiritual health, emotional health, and physical health! Its not all about looks ladies! Being fit is great because: 1)it feels great when you workout and are in shape! you feel stronger, sexier, more confident, and a natural chemical called endorphins gets released into the brain when working out, which is a natural "feel good" chemical, its like taking a happy pill every time you work out! Also the body looks way better with less fat and more muscle, and the surgery also comes out looking better on a fit body, than on a body that is just stagnant (not in shape/no working out). Good luck on your journey to total beauty ladies! Just remember be nice to others too, its not all about what's on the outside. Just because someone does not look as good as you , does not mean you should treat them like they are beneath you.

Daily Burn, Treadmill, Weights, Workout Videos, Trampoline, walks and House work/chores are my weapon of warfare!

I do all of these things, to keep my body in shape, and eat healthy regularly, as a permanent lifestyle commitment, to be healthy, and in shape. I feel great. I know the surgery will only be the icing on the cake! The only part I will hate is the recovery period after the surgery (cuz of the pain, and the inability to exercise), but after that I'm getting up and doing my thing again! Getting right back into it. Daily is a great coach assisted daily workout/recipe website. Its motivational, you have to pay $12. but its worth it if you need the motivation. Or just do it yourself, if you can.

Happy and so blessed I have a husband that still loves me, and find me attractive despite my body imperfections!

I just want to say how, thankful, Happy and so blessed I am to have a husband that still loves me, and find me attractive despite my body imperfections! He is also supportive of me if I get the surgery or not. I want to get it, though for myself and for him.

More pics of nice makeovers

Its not fair that we all have to pay for this, all of this money to get this done and be beautiful ladies!

Its not fair that we all have to pay for this, all of this money to get this done and be beautiful ladies!
We should be able to be restored back to our youthful, pre-babies beauty with out having to fork up an arm and a leg, (anywhere from $5,000-20,000.) Just to pay for this restorative corrective surgery to be done! We deserve to be beautiful and not have to suffer our looks just because we decided to have babies! Can I get an Amen? Did you all know that people who were once obese who lose excess weight can get tummy tuck procedures for free covered under medical insurance!?, So why cant we get it the same way?

I have moved to another state so I am probably changing my Doctor

I have moved to another state so I am probably changing my Doctor, not saying I wont travel around the world to get a perfect proceedure as serious as this one done, but I think I will be going with a different doctor, not Saying Dr. Don Revis is bad in any way, cuz he's great but I am not sure I can afford it. I am looking for lower cost, and quality of work, (great before and after pics) as well as board certified. Possible spectrum cosmetics in Miami, or Doctor in DR, I would prefer to stay in the US though. Its so damn expensive though!

I am petitioning for change to be made for Mommy Makeovers

If you think Mommy Makeovers are too expensive and you want one but are having a hard time paying for one, please sign this petition on the official site

My First Laser Tattoo Removal Session

I went to a Laser Skin Center to get my first tattoo Removal session! Exciting! I got it at a great price too! only $44. I am due to go back again mid May for my second session. It was painful, but I had no numbing cream. I have to arrive more than 30 minutes before appointment time to get it on. Crazy!. I have been drinking a lot of water, and I dont see any fading results yet. I am wondering is this really going to work, but my tattoo is really dark so maybe it needs more sessions. I dont know. It was at Beauty Skin Laser, In Johns Creek, GA. So far from my house too.

In Due Time I will be getting my makeover

EVen though its been extremely hard to wait, I have been exercising regularly, and eating healthy, also taking vitamins, and there nothing that can replace that!! It makes me feel so happy, and confident. Also strong and healthy. I know good results can only come out of taking care of my temple, my body. Also the makeover I will be getting will also come out better, when I am in better shape, with less fat and more muscle on my body!. I am waiting to move into my new home my dad is buying for me, and I will then be able to afford, easily to get my makeover treatments done. I will be getting it done!!! In due time!! I am a college student full time now, plus a stay at home mom and learning coach to my son. I am now separated from my husband, who has lost interest in me, and is being more abusive. I am happy to be free from the abuse now.Life is not all about looks and how much money you have. a Relationship with God, Love, family, friends and good health and compassion are so important in life.

My Plan of Action

My plan is to pay down my credit balances, and get a job part time, that way I will easily get the loan I want!!!! I had a 640 score and was granted a home loan for $52,400 last year, so it wont be a problem for me, I just have to wait a little longer a few more months. I plan to get a bl/ba/tt/ laser scar removal, laser tattoo removal and invisalign, as well as one uneven tooth I have filed and bonded.

Inspirational pictures and Before Pictures

Before pictures and more inspiration

Excites and cant wait to get my surgery/treatments done

After seeing a million and one before and after pictures on all shapes, colors and sizes, I can now visualize what the after will/would look like on me for everything. I know I am going to look and feel my very best. I am not trying to change anything about myself, I don't hate myself, I love myself and who God created me to be, I just need to repair and correct some things, that's all! I still love to workout, eat healthy on a regular basis.

You only live once, why not give it your best shot, and make the best of it

More pictures that interest me

Still working on my financial situation , moving to a new state and being separated has been a giant bump in the road and caused my finances to be thrown for a loop. I am good with managing my money, so once I am finacially able to I will be getting back to where I was credit wise and get a part time job, and I will be applying for that loan for the mommy makeover proceedures.!!!

It's Okay to have Dark Nipples

I have felt insecure before about my nipples because of comments made to me in the past, but now as I got older, I don't care anymore that I have dark nipples, matter of fact they got even darker when I had children. A lot of women have dark nipples, from all different ethnicities! (white, black, asian, hispanic, indian, etc.) and its okay to have dark nipples! In fact a lot of men find them sexier, and they make the nipple stand out more than lighter nipples. Its not a color war. Either way dark or light nipples, your breasts can be beautiful!!

Im happy I am not the only That has this problem and feels this way!!!

Im happy I am not the only That has this problem and feels this way!!! Through seeing others, in person, on the internet or on this site. I have realized how many others have the same body imperfections as me, and some have worse, so I thank God for that and for what I have.

I don't feel so bad seeing others before pictures

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I dont know why this site does not let you change your doctor or let you delete posts, or your profile if you want to. I guess Im stuck with Its okay though, its not bothering me! I would not mind going to Dr. Don Revis, but I also have some other doctors in mind.

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