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On a tight budget, I saved up to get rid of my...

On a tight budget, I saved up to get rid of my sagging jowls by age 60. (Who knew I would also be facing divorce, hopefully by age 60 as well). If I could afford it I'd do a few more procedures, such as a BA and temporal eyebrow lift, but at least this will do for now. I want a very natural outcome. A bit concerned about my crow's feet and how the lower facelift will emphasize those lines as the skin is pulled back. That's why I am thinking of a temporal eyebrow lift, to smooth that out. Maybe it won't be too noticeable. I'll wit a couple of years and see if I still need it.

Still on the fence about type of anesthesia to use

I could afford another procedure if I went with local anesthesia and saved the cost of the anesthetist. I'm not afraid of local, but I'm told it's tedious, and I might be aware of smells and tugging, and I would also have to endure the injections to my face to numb it. Please tell me your stories of local anesthesia for a lower facelift or mini lift. How was it?

Getting serious and very excited about losing those jowls

My procedure is about a month away and I couldn't be more happy to finally be able to get rid of all the loose skin hanging on my face and the crinkling on my neck. Thankfully, my doctor says the lower facelift will remedy the neck skin, since my neck muscles are still in good shape. I suppose this is a very good age for a first facelift. Maybe it'll be the only one I'll need, since I don't mind ordinary aging, little lines and such. I just mind the "sadsack" look of hanging skin. I would do liposuction of my waistline and flanks if I had the money. But overall, I'm on the slim side, and not expecting to be recruited for any fashion show runways any time soon!

Tomorrow's the day I have been dreaming of for at least 10 years!

Here are my before pics, 24 hours before lower facelift. It's all I could afford without flying out of town. I scheduled a couple of weeks off work in order to re-emerge in public without much bruising or scars showing. Never having done this, I don't know how quickly or how well my scars will heal. I got my hair color done yesterday to make sure I would not have to deal with that while recovering. After I see the results of my facelift, I will decide on a fresh hairstyle. I have always dreamed of having a sleek jawline; not necessarily like Anjelina Jolie, but at least defined, considering my very small jawline. I believe Dr. Thomassen can see what I need in order to define my jaw and minimize my saggy, puffy cheeks without making me look gaunt.

The day after surgery

The day after surgery Dr. Thomassen removed my large bandage and I got a quick look at his handiwork before it all swelled up. I love it! I was given the sort of Ace bandage to wear for about a week, but I still had quite a bit of swelling. It is now 10 days after surgery and there is even more swelling under my jaw. My right side in particular is more swollen than my left. More pics to come.

Bled more than usual

My pics are going up out of order, but the latest is today, 10 days after surgery. Who knew the swelling would continue to grow. However, with coverup makeup, my face looks normal and lots better than prior to surgery. It will only get better as the healing process takes place. My doctor said I bled more than usual during the surgery and apparently this trait makes for more bruising.

Odd results

The two sides of my face are so different and I'm still at a loss for an explanation. Communication has been lacking, and I don't know if my doctor understood that I was happy with my face from cheekbones up. All I needed was jowls & neck fixed. I did ask about crow's feet and he briefly said he could go up higher, but didn't explain the change the entire lower facelift would make. I have "pulling" looking lumpiness indifferent ways on each side. I am hoping it's just some type of inflammation that will go away.


Thanks for asking, but In get such a weird vibe there, as though I am an inconvenience. My doctor is super nice, but always puts his office person in between us and sort of disappears. Also, when I pointed out the "line" that shows up on my cheekbone, he said, "that'she your bone," which it obviously is not. It looks like a string under my skin. Maybe it's from a scalpel or some surgical technique, but it shows up under overhead lighting and is only on one side of my face. I am still hopeful these lumps and the "string line" will disappear over time. My face is still numb, so I know I'm not completely healed yet.

Less Than Thrilled with Lower Facelift/necklift

Dr. Thomassen is a kind hearted doctor, a capable Board Certified surgeon who I felt safe with. He got rid of my hideous jowls. But if I had it to do over again, I would see if it could be done without touching my cheekbones. My neck looks amazing, he did a spectacular job on that. However the two sides of my face are now completely different, to the point I had to ask him if he had a student do my left side while I was sedated. (He did not.) My left side has a noticeable scar at the earlobe, off of the natural fold, while the right side has no visible scar at all. The left side has a hollow under the cheekbone that is quite distressing to me, (he said, "you had that before the surgery." No, I have gotten many closeup pics in my career and never had this problem), while the right side has a little more smoothness in the cheek. Overall, I miss the look of my mid to upper face prior to surgery. Yes, the lower face is now better - but at the cost of my upper face, and uneven results. I wanted more of the heart shape I had when I was younger and instead I have a shapeless narrow look.

The initial consultations had been such that I felt he knew exactly what I had wanted, while I now recall he didn't seem to remember things I had told him (and I don't remember him writing them down, actually). For example, I absolutely did not want a line of demarcation on my cheekbones showing where my surgery begins, and that's what I got, on my left side. When I brought it to his attention he said, "that's called your cheekbone." He couldn't see the ridge of flesh (that's especially visible under stage lights). The hollow of the eyes Is more stark. The right cheekbone (the better looking side) has adhesions that cause my face to look lumpy when I smile. I was advised to massage it to break up scar tissue, but all that did was make it hurt. As long as I don't smile it looks smooth. He did do a scar revision on the left ear at no charge. I will have to get fat transfer at some point to round out my cheekbones the way they used to be. Maybe I should have just done my neck. By the way, before surgery make sure your long hair is tied up, not just stuffed into a shower cap. Mine was a solid, blood-caked mess that I couldn't wash for several days after surgery. One more thing - as I was set up in the operating room, the anesthesiologist was asking the team for supplies, "do we have egg crates?" to situate my arms, and they looked for them while I was lying there. Not the thing you want to hear as you're about to go under the knife. You would think all the supplies would be in place! I don't regret doing it because I had a deadline to meet, but would have preferred more precise communication beforehand, more respect as a client, better lighting in the exam room, more professionalism overall, and a prettier aesthetic result.

Taking Time to Make My Next Move

I don't remember discussing fat transfer prior to my procedure, because I had no idea about the possibilty of the hollow eye look or the depression under one cheekbone. I do feel Dr. Thomassen is an excellent doctor as far as knowledge and safety, and maybe my case is unusual. Anyway, I do recall discussing pulling slightly higher up alongside my eyes to lessen the crow's feet, and I don't find that was done, based on the scar location, because the crow's feet are deeper than before when I smile. But maybe that was a misunderstanding on exactly how high it could be (I figured as high as the outer tip of my eyebrow, hence not clarified for me). It would also have been nice to get rid of that annoying hyperpigmented spot on my cheek at the same time.

The "line" of demarcation on my cheekbones, combined with the adhesions, makes fat transfer a necessity, however, I am now scared to do anything further to my face for fear of not communicating effectively my desired results and ending up with giant "apple cheeks" instead of that smooth cheekbone contour. I'm trying to get used to not smiling too hard, and using highlighter to disguise my sunken area under the eyes. I can't apply blush like I used to, because the lumpiness and lines show up more. I find myself noticing people's smooth cheekbones and remembering mine. But I'm ok, enjoying having a better jawline for sure. Not one to panic. Maybe by the time I can afford to do the rest that needs to be done, I'll be ready to do it.

Six Month report

It's now been 6 months since my surgery and I have almost all feeling restored in my cheeks near my ears. I hate to admit it, but I'm so disappointed with my results. Of course, it's better not to have the wrinkly neck and jowls, however now I have to adapt to a new problem that I never had before - a lopsided face, (one side better than the other), lumpy cheekbones, hollow eyes, and a "hole" in my left cheek.

My upper face used to be the "good" part (I could count on good, pretty photos under overhead lighting). I used to have to smile "a certain way" to eliminate jowls and smooth out my neck for pics. Now I have smile "a certain way," or not at all, to avoid the puckering on my cheekbones, lessen to hollows under my eyes, and minimize the "hole" under my left cheekbone. When will it end?

I didn't expect to look like Sofia Vergara, but I never knew this could happen. I am really concerned how I'm going to trust a doctor to do a fat transfer the way it needs to be done, not just slap it on and keep fingers crossed.

If I'd Only Known

Now that I'm looking up remedies for my results from a lower facelift, I'm finding out that this "depleted" look is a very common result. Had I known this beforehand, I would've just done my neck and jawline and left my cheekbones alone. Now I'm back to researching the right procedure and the most experienced practitioner of the procedure. I'm leaning towards cheekbone implants, since fat transfer is so risky. Any stories about cheek implants would be welcome.

If I Knew Then

Had I known my cheeks could become gaunt, lumpy and hollow with a lower facelift I would've just done the neck tightening and jawline. I'm trying not to be depressed about it, but I regret touching my midface. It's not what I planned for. I just wanted the lower face done and to leave my cheekbones alone. They now appear pointy and misshapen , and the apple of the cheeks are depleted.

If I had only known

Heartbroken about what I've done to my face. I should've showed photos of myself younger, and definitely should've left my upper face alone. I bow have a "hard" look, and when I smile, my eyes used to turn up at the outer corners, now they turn down. It's amazing what a fraction of an inch can change everything. Now I will have to get more procedures. What shoud I do? Fat transfer to fill the hollow cheeks? Can that smooth out the lumpy cheekbones too? I would like to see Before & After pics of facial injections.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Thomassen did a midfacelift that left my face deformed, deflated, masculinized, and older looking, despite the correction of the jowls and neck. When I pointed out the deformities, he did not even notice them. You can clearly see the weird cheekbones and hollow cheeks in the photo. The staff made me very uncomfortable once they saw that I was unhappy with the result. I was never contacted again. I'm so regretful that I went to a breast specialist to get my face done.

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