32G, 550 upgraded to 800cc High Profile. Fort Lauderdale, FL

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My surgery is scheduled on April 13th, with Dr....

My surgery is scheduled on April 13th, with Dr. Revis in Fort Lauderdale, I am considering to get silicone implants between 550-650cc or above, I have a small frame, I'm 97lbs, 5'2, I am a 32B, really want to get rid of padded bras, so I would like to get advises here from y'all ladies! Im so excited for my surgery, I'm ready to update my future post here to share with everyone

My dream photos

Here are some dream pics

Tried my sizers on at 1st Consultation

Here are sizers tryon at my first consultation with Dr. Revis, he n his staff were super friendly, Doctor has chosen 600cc or 650cc as the biggest for my body, I have always wanted to go bigger, but now I'm thinking practically about 550cc might be the right choice for my first BA

Pre-op look!

I have read posts here about women wanted to remember how their girls looked like before the surgery, so am I, just to make sure that I'm making the right decision on this surgery!

Surgery tmr! So excited!

I had a pre-op appointment with Dr. Revis today, he recommended UHP 535cc/590cc or HP 550cc, I'm still not sure which will fit in me the best, wish me luck, ladies, will update after my surgery! Cant believe it is finally happening!

550 cc silicone HP. I'm finally on the other side!

I had my surgery done today finally!!! Almost spent 9 hours in the hospital, bcoz Dr Revis had another case before me. Although he asked us to arrive earlier than schedule. It was a smooth sweet successful surgery, only took 40 mins and everything went well. Tmr will do the post-op appointment, I can take off the bra and see my boobs, hooray! The pain was manageable if you don't move much, I didn't feel much pressure as others did, I do feel my chest is super tight and over stretched bcoz I'm very thin. As long as you are taking the medicines and try to sleep more( well the medicines will make you sleep anyways) I'm happy with my surgery today, and I believe they will look awesome over time!

Day 1 post-op

Need to rest more, do less

Day 1 post-op

I'm in pain, Doctor said I can take my pain medicines every 4 hours

Day 2, sleep more

Ladies! I can say if you could sleep all day after the surgery, you must sleep! I felt much better after day 1. Still painful but it's much better than yesterday

Before & after

I feel much better today,( day 4) leaving Fort Lauderdale

Day 4-5

Tried on sport bras !

They look much bigger than before! I'm in love with them! Finally get rid of the tight bra from the hospital. I'm very constipated due to the pain pills.

One week mark!

Hi ladies! Finally it's the 1st week mark! I'm trying hard day by day to get used to the girls, still painful when getting up in the mornings, but the pain is tolerable, I finally stopped all the meds today! No more constipation n drowsiness. Hooray! Just waiting patiently to see them drop! Happy healing!

11 days post-op

One of my incision tapes came off after shower, I was disappointed to see the incision for the first time. Because there is a bump along the cut line under the crease. Doctor said the bump will go away as the suture absorbed over 3 months. I'm not sure about it, I doubt whether it will disappear over time. I have been having strong stabbing pain in my right breast, whenever I try to stretch too much or get stimulated the pain would hit me hard. It feels like stabbed by needles, I have to hold the nipple very hard till the pain goes away. I asked Dr. Revis, he put me on a big dose of Ibuprofen 2400mg(12pills) per day plus the Muscle relaxer. A little depressed but I'm recovering well day by day.

2 weeks mark!

Boobs are much softer! Still have minimum pain, but it's all tolerable! Started to use Scarguard from yesterday, the gel is amazing

They look good in wireless bras

Boobs are doing great, morning soreness has reduced to minimum, I can almost do regular activities after 5 days heavy dose (2400mg/per day) of Ibuprofen followed by Dr's advise. I massage them everyday, 15 mins twice a day.


3 weeks mark!

1 month mark! Hooray!

Getting excited to show my 1-month boobs! Hope y'all are healing well

Get sized at VS! I'm 32DDD or 34DD

Went to VS to get sized, it turned out that 32DDD fits me the best, it has only been a month, they are slowly dropping, the pad-less demi bras are the best match, those push-up bras which with thick pads inside are really discomfortable. I'm so excited to be able to get rid of all padded bras. I wonder that VS's size is 1-2 cups up. Bcoz I went to Target recently, their 34D and 34DD(they don't have anything 32) fit me well as well, and I really don't think I'm a 32DDD. FYI ladies!

Cherry cherry

Nearly 6 week mark

The last past two weeks have been really easy on me! So far no complications! Everything goes back to normal

2 months old boobs!

The recovery has been going smooth n well. I had no complications. But I have boob greed, I think mine(550)is too small. Maybe in 1-2 years I will switch to 800cc, and I will definitely stick with Dr. Revis for my second BA surgery. What do you think, ladies?

Finally 3 months!

Hi ladies! I have been busy as crazy! Finally I made it to the 3 months mark! Recovery has been good, sometimes still having stabbing in my left one, but it's all manageable. My left is still higher than the right, hope it will drop soon! I love them!

4-month and a half old boobs

It has been 4 months since my surgery, the girls are doing great without complications.

6 months update video

Here are the 6 months old girls

Explicit - Click to view

As requested, here is the video of my boobs after 6 months post-op! they are much softer and real. I love having them as a part of my body and I do believe they become more and more real over time!

800cc silicone HP 2months old boobs

So I did it after my husband n I have decided to Go back to Revis to upgrade my 550cc to 800cc, here is my result after 2 months smooth recovery from my second BA ( February 15th, 2017) no complications at all. And I love these girls more and more
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