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I'm 33 and ready for the new me I had LIPO in...

I'm 33 and ready for the new me I had LIPO in January, but I'm not happy with my results my stomach is flat but now my sides hang as I gain my weight back. My doctor did a great job I just didn't expect to have love handles after gaining my weight so here go round 2 360 lipo BBL 33 days 9/27/16 READY AS I CAN BE

Flat flat

Still swollen ????????

Ready to be cute

Today I'm 3 weeks and 4 days after bbl

I went to Dr. George Solomon for the first procedure this time I'm going to Dr. Zeichner. I really like the staff so far haven't met with the Doctor yet I meet with Dr. Zeichner the 1st week in September....so of course I was told I needed to wait that's why my appointment is in September because I still had some scar tissue from the first LIPO I actually was supposed to have surgery on 7/7/16 but I don't think the doctor would have told me that if it wasn't true I'm glad he got my best interest of course I'm not going with the one who told me that because he only do general anesthesia and this time I'm going to get put to sleep I didn't the first time... I'm excited

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