Lost over 120 Lbs - Fort Collins, CO

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Lost so much weight, Would love to get extra skin removed

I grew Up with one grandmother telling me to eat as much as you want. Then another grandmother putting me on a diet every time i saw her. After my parents separated, I would binge eat everything in site. When I had to sell candy for soccer I ate all the bars. 35 of them Including my grandfathers. I kept getting bigger. The biggest I got was to 820, Grandmother paid for me to get help, said she wanted me get down to under 800. When I had the Lap-band done in 2004 I was 780 Lbs. I was able to drop 100 lbs, I got a skin removal surgery done. Lost another 100 got another removal surgery. After I started working out my skin would turn yellow. My mom ran me to the hospital, come to find out the Lap-Band was effecting my pancreas/kidneys. They went in and took it out. I was about 500 lbs then.

The picture of me in my white work clothes was of me when I was 450 lbs. I tried and failed with weight loss since then. When I started really wanting this I was 280. Compared to back then I'm a completely different person. Cheers to being down 120 lbs since 1/1/14.

Why I want to get in shape
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