31 Years Old Mum of 2

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After my 2 c-section and breastfeeding I'm very...

After my 2 c-section and breastfeeding I'm very unhappy with my body, I've some stretch marks and saggy skin on my tummy, I'm about to go under TT and Breast lift, is something I've been dreaming with since my 5 years old soon born and I felt so frustrated about my look, but I had to wait till I have my second baby 1 year ago and decided not to wait more time until have this job done! I'm scared anxious, but I don't want to create to much expectation as I don't want to be disappointed,
I've seen so good results on this page and really want to be as luck as many other women who have done the mummy make over. I will have to travel abroad to do my surgery, so far all the reviews from the clinic is good and the surgeons seems to be good as well,

7 days post surgery

I'm 7 days post surgery and my recovery is going much better than I thought, no pain at all, finish all the medicine the surgeon prescribed me, pain killers, antibiotic, my healing process is going smooth so far, I'm really happy with my result so far, my scar is very low, the doctor put it on the same place as my c-section previous scar, and it is very short as I did full tummy tuck, the job done by Doctor Peter Mertan at Formé clinic Prague was perfect
Dr Mertan

Dr Peter Mertan, really good surgeon, I took my last decision of going on tummy tuck after my consultation with Dr Mertan, he is such a wonderful person, very honest and friendly, he is always with a worderful smile while talking to patients,made me feel more confident with my decision, i felt that he was the right doctor to perform my tummy tuck, Yes best decision I ever made, 3 days after surgery I'm really pleased with my result so far, Doctor Peter Mertan Has very good ability both for tummy tuck and breast lift or enlargement, he position the tummy tuck scar very low, and for breast lift he has a wonderful tecnics that leaves you with scar only around the aureola! The formé clinic is 5 stars, the staff, equipments, technology, and service. I really recommend this clinic

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