Mommy Makeover, BA with Lift and Lipo to Flank/outer Thighs - Folsom, CA

I have my pre-op on Halloween 2016, my procedure...

I have my pre-op on Halloween 2016, my procedure is on 11/17/16. I am going to Dr. Clark in Folsom, Ca. She is amazing!! I have never felt so at ease with a doctor. I came in with high hopes and so far she has said we can accomplish them all! I decided on a mommy makeover, with a BA (600+ cc of silicone) plus a lift, and lipo to my outer thighs. More updates to come. :)

Dr. Clark is AMAZING! Her and her staff have made me feel very comfortable and walked me through every question I've had, as if it's the first time they've been asked. I highly recommend Dr. Clark to anyone in the Folsom area!

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