Waste of Money for Me - Folsom, CA

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My skin color is olive color. I look hispanic...

My skin color is olive color. I look hispanic though I am not. I have melasma on the sides of my face due to years of being in the sun. I had 3 IPLs done. The doctor said it would zap the brown spots right off. Wrong! It did nothing at all. So the doctor thank God felt bad about this so I then had a Obaji Blue Peel done 2 layers. The doctor did not charge me for this being the IPL did not work. I had 2 layers of the blue peel done and it only made my brown spots darker. Just be aware people this could happen to you. And yes I have worn lots of sun block after each treatment and continue to do so. I will not do the lazer so I just have to wear more make up now to cover the darker spots on the side of my face..

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