Upper Eyelids (Blepharoplasty) I Don't Feel 60, Why Should I Look Like It?

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Here we go again! This time I'm going to get my...

Here we go again! This time I'm going to get my eyelids done ( blepharoplasty). I've always been so careful with my eyes - being so gentle and never pulling on them, but what happened when I lost 30 lbs last year? I lost my boobs and my eyelids sagged! They were a bit saggy before, but not as noticeably. I don't want to look different, I just want the extra skin gone. I'm going to Dr. Clark in Folsom as she did a wonderful job with my breast augmentation last January. The scars are beautifully healed, so I know she will do a great job on my eyes.

What is your experience with this procedure and what are your best tips for preparation and post-op? I really need encouragement as I'm going through some emotional crisis right at the same time. Good timing, right?

I Did It! 24 hours With My New Eyelids!

My procedure went very well! I had 10mg of Valium beforehand and was very relaxed and awake the whole time. It took about 3 hours, but it didn't seem that long to me. Besides the bleth, I had a small tumor removed from the top of my head and a little glob of whatever stuff removed from my lower left lid. Dr. Christa Clark did an amazing job and it looks really good so far (I'm told). It looks ugly to me, so I'm wearing dark glasses all the time. I took a Tylenol #3 yesterday when I got home, just because I was feeling lousy and found that pain medication just makes you feel and act sick. It's really not painful, it's just sticky-ouchy, with the stitches and all. I'm following the advice of the people here on RealSelf and I know I'll have a smooth recovery. I'm using the Arnica, the eye drops and the antibiotic gel and I'm determined that this will look fine.

Day 2 - 48 hours The Most Colorful Recovery!

I can't believe how different I look hour by hour. The blood is pooling in and around my eyes and I don't know what I will look like every time I go to look at myself in the mirror. I try not to be frightened, instead it's fascinating. I'm icing and keeping it elevated, of course, but I wish there was a way to speed up the draining part. I see some women who had little or no bruising. I wouldn't really call this bruising, it's pooling. It feels weird in the bags under my eyes especially. I'm glad there is no pain, just the annoyance of the stitches. I'm keeping them moisturized and I hope I can close my eyes tonight.

Day 3 - 72 Hr Mark Color-Changing Eyes - Redhead Issue?

Is my extreme bruising because I'm a redhead? I know that I bruise really easily, but this is really bad even for me. I know that my scars will heal very nicely but I have to give it time, but I'm really hoping this goes away really soon. I'm wearing sunglasses all the time, just call me Elwood Blues! I don't want my husband to see me like this. I really don't feel bad about it, it's just a bit annoying.

You Should Have Seen The Other Guy!

At day 5 evening - m y lovely black and red eyes are turning a beautiful yellow color. I've got that German/Irish/Scottish paper-thin skin, so of course I have a color-changing face! Tomorrow morning (9/14/17) I'm getting the stitches out. The ends of the threads tickle and drive me nuts. Other than that, there is no pain at all. I keep the medicine on everything, massage in the arnica, take the tablets, taking Tylenol for swelling, icing in the morning, still sleeping with my head raised just to be sure. Anything else?
Unexpected positive - I can see better! My peripheral is better and I didn't even notice that the vision above was gone! Yay! I'm so happy it's back! Wow.

Sick and Tired of Looking Sick and Tired!

That's it! I'm putting on makeup and going out to meet some people tonight. It's Thursday evening, almost one week since my surgery on Friday morning 9/8/17. I have a workshop that will be 3 days that I had already paid for and I'm determined to go, black eyes or not!
Dr. Krista Clark

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