Mom of 3 Finally Getting a BL with Implants. Nervous. Folsom, CA

Hey girls! I am super excited and anxious. My...

Hey girls! I am super excited and anxious. My procedure is March 31st, 2016.
I am getting a BL with implants, I have been thinking of this procedure for a while and I am finally doing it.
I cant wait to have boobies and awesome results. My only concern is still... I hope I picked the right size for my frame. :) Any words of encouragement?
Thank you,

Home and in pain

I am happy is over with but in some pain.

Post op day #3

To scared to lift up my arms and take pictures. I was able to get some sleep and feeling a little better. The pain seems to be going away a bit. I changed my gauze yesterday and OH MY! I wish i didnt but anyway. Everything looks good from what I can tell. Stiches and incisions look normal and not bleeding. I do not have tape over my inscisions as I noticed some of you girls do. Idk it probably depends on the doctor. Now i can hear noises my new boobs are making. Sounds familiar Anyone?

Pics! No change alot of gauze and swelling

Hanging in there

One more

Day #5

I had my pre-op appt today. Doctor said everything looks good. I am starting on Vitamin E. Did any of u guys take that after surgery. I didnt think to ask what is for. Lol until i was home but i mean i trusy him so im just following direction. Take a look at the girls! :)

Old boobs with clothes

For the ones that asked

Week 1 post op

11 days post op! Healing well i think :)

Excuse the gauze lol. My breast seem to be healing well, no more pain meds just tylenol as needed. My left boob seems to me like is dropping faster than the right one but then again im not a PS. I feel great! And YES having BOOB GREED! oh wow! I know i never thought i would but I DO! Over all happy :) oh and no bra i just want to be comfy right now. However My surgical bra is still what i feel more comfortable in.

2 weeks post op!!!

Woot! Woot! 2 weeks post op. Still having mild pain. I think they are dropping into my muscle. I have this pic update with clothes at work. At work some have not noticed it i think except the ones i told...i been wearing loose blouses tho... More pics later ;)

More 2 weeks!

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