320cc Silicone: 2+ Years Post-Op - Folsom, CA

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Hello all, so I have been following this site...

Hello all, so I have been following this site since at least October or November, and absolutely love it! I'm about to graduate college and would love to have the procedure done this summer.

I'm currently:
-21 years old
-105 pounds
-32A (hoping to be a small C)

Because I am only 21 years old, I am legally only able to receive saline implants. However, I think I am much more comfortable with saline for health reasons. Anyways, I just emailed a local PS to set up a consultation to discuss the procedure, implant, etc. I'm thinking that under 300CC would be a good start for me because of my petite frame. I would to hear feedback regarding saline implants, or small frames, or who has had/is considering this procedure, as well as any other helpful feedback from you supportive ladies :)

My only concern is telling my DAD, yikes... Big step. My mom knows and I plan to tell my step mom after my college exams are over next week. Anyways, I'm super excited and can't wait to hopefully get the breasts I've always wanted!

Before Pictures

Finally uploading some "before" pictures!

The Wait....!

My consultation is next Tuesday, June 18th, and I'm almost positive I'm going with this doctor! :) can't wait to just book the surgery lol.

Anyways, do you girls have any good tips on being discrete with coworkers/friends right after surgery? I don't want to be the center of attention, but I also understand this is a big, physical change!

And one more question: I want to float the river with friends, do you think 3 weeks after surgery will suffice? I don't want to push it too soon, but its also summer time and I want to enjoy it :) thanks ladies! Love all of your support :)

Consultation Today!

Hi all, sorry I haven't updated lately.. Finals week just ended and my summer has finally begun :) Anyways, I went to my first appointment (consultation) and my PS said I could get silicone even though I'm only 21. For some reason I still think I might want saline but I feel like silicone implants are so much more natural feeling. Ahh oh well. I'm planning on booking my surgery date on July 18th! My surgery price has gone up another $1000 because of the possible switch from saline to silicone ($6,000), so the deposit to set the date is $1,100. I'm starting to feel a bit guilty for having this surgery, but I really want it!! I'm also debating on whether to tell my family or just tell my mom. Lastly, I think I'm going with 300cc silicone mod + with a crease incision. I felt a bit rushed today, but I love the results of my PS on other patients so I'm definitely going with him. I would feedback or any thoughts :)

Less Than a Month!

Hello ladies! So I just paid the deposit ($1,100) to reserve my pre-op and surgery date :) Oh my goodness sooooo excited! I'm still undecided on size and even the implant. I feel like I will end up with silicone, but still not 100% sure. I took 6 days off from my desk job at my university so I hope that will suffice! Ahh I can't wait!

21 Days Until My Surgery :)

Hi girls! So I'm only 3 weeks away from the big day! I'm nervous and excited to finally have a feminine look... Lol so over being viewed as a boyish or preteen looking. My pre-op is next Tuesday (7/2) and I'm going to finalize the size, implant, and profile. I'm still thinking either 300cc or 325cc mod + silicone submuscular crease incision. I hope they won't be too big on my body.. Ahh but I really want to feel comfortable braless, so 325cc might be the better choice!

I'm taking 6 days off work (desk job) and getting water bottles, bras, lotions, Netflix favorites, and a continuing list organized :) it's getting real!! :) my bf is going to take care of me at his place. The reason I'm planning to stay at his place during recovery is because I live with 2 other roommates and I'm worried one of them (the heavy-set female) will be super rude about it :/ I can take it after the surgery but I don't want to deal with her during recovery. Anyways, I'm not going to let her rude comments/attitude bring me down, especially when I have a few friends who are genuinely excited for me :)

I'll update again soon! Good luck to all the ladies this week!

Had My Pre-op Yesterday!

So yesterday (7/2) was my pre-op and I tried on my final selection (320 cc) and paid the remaining amount of the surgery! Yikes.. lol writing the check out hurt a bit. Anyways, I do have one complaint.... I felt totally rushed, especially by my PS.

-I had a few questions and he gave me quick answers and seemed short with me. Irritating considering this is a big expense and decision.
-I felt rushed trying on sizes.. I didn't even get to try on sizers with my own shirts.
-Trying to make my final decision between saline and silicone was rushed.. he didn't have many saline options out and seemed to really persuade me out of the option.

However, I did select my size/implant/etc.

I'm going with 320cc moderate + silicone sientra under the breast (crease incision). My surgery is 2 weeks from tomorrow (7/18)! Nervous but super excited!

Also, about being rushed...
I think I'm going to call his office today and ask the remaining questions and mention that I did feel quite rushed. His results online are amazing, so I do feel confident with my selection.

I hope recovery is going well for those ladies who had recent procedures! Love my support system on here :)

Stressing Over Last Minute Sizes

To refresh, I'm 5'4" and about 105 pounds. I'm so undecided between 320cc and 300cc Sientra silicone mod + because I'm worried the 320 will be too big. Ahhhhh any feedback would be great!

Happy 4th girls! Hope the hot weather isn't taking over ;)

Some More Before Photos

Less than 2 weeks until surgery (7/18)! I hope 320cc will allow me to fulfill my 32 C goal :) Lol some mornings I wake up thinking what the heck am I doing?? And then I see girls will nice beasts and I get excited again :)

Scheduled a 9:30 appointment for tomorrow

So I'm totally freaking out!! I think I may want to switch from 320cc Sientra mod + silicone to 300cc mentor mod + silicone!! 10 days away as of now. Excited and nervous :)

P.S. I would thoughts on mentor and Sientra silicone implants!!


*I would LOVE thoughts on mentor and Sientra silicone implants ;)

Appointment Went Well :)

320cc Sientra mod + submuscular crease incision :)

I finally feel confident with my choice! Good luck this week ladies :)

Surgery on Thursday!

I'm actually more excited than nervous!! I hope I made the right choice with 320cc mod+ silicone. My prescriptions were only $7.80 at the pharmacy lol. That's unreasonably inexpensive :) I'm taking 5 days off from my desk job, which I hope will be plenty of recovery time.

Also, I couldn't find bio oil at the drug store.. If you ladies happen to know any reliable brands and places to purchase it, I would love to know!

I'll post again before the surgery :)

Yikes! I'm less than 48 hours always!!

I'm crossing my fingers everyday that 320cc isn't going to make me look super fake! I have a full day at work tomorrow.. Seriously don't know how I'm going to keep it together lol! Nervous, excited and scared! So basically you could say I'm all over the place!

I'll try to stay focused tomorrow though ;)

Just a reminder of my stats:
106 lbs.

Scheduled for:
320cc mod + silicone submuscular crease incision

Also, I so appreciate all of the helpful tips/advice given by some of you sweet ladies :)

Surgery at 1:45 pm tomorrow!

Ahhhh so many emotions right now! I'm just doing last minute cleaning to keep my mind distracted from the constant second-guessing :) Also, I finally bought bio oil for stretch marks, which was the last thing on my list! Yay :) I hope to go to bed around midnight and sleep-in until 10, but we'll see.

Thank you for all of the helpful comments, reviews, advice, comforting, etc.! So supportive and helpful :) I'll keep you updated!

About 5 hours after surgery!

Ok so... The surgery was scheduled at 1:45pm and when we showed up the receptionist said it would be another hour. I was super upset :( I mean it was already 15 hours without having food/water.

However, before the surgery I was in a good mood and looking forward to the results. I watched The Hills and showered before my bf and I left. It's around 45 minutes to drive there, so we left early.. That's when we found out about the uninformed delay :/

45 minutes later I went to the back of the office and gave a urine sample. I almost wasn't able to because I couldn't keeping holding it in after the delay, so I went earlier but barely had enough to pee. I still did though :)

Between the nurse and my PS, I was poked 3 times for an IV. I'm usually super good with IVs but it hurt. I went into the OR about 20 minutes later and woke up freezing and in pain. The ride home was interesting lol.. I think the meds wore off so I took pains pills right when I got home.

Advice: try not to schedule a later surgery (12pm-after), its difficult :/ Make sure you feel cared for and comfortable by the staff.. I didn't and still don't :( Anyways, I'm all wrapped up but I'll post a picture and keep you guys updated! Love all of the support :) so sweet!

Arrived in Boobieland

I had my surgery yesterday around 3pm and arrived home around 6pm :) most of the anesthesia wore off by the time I got home so I started my routine meds when I got in bed! My bf ordered Outback Steakhouse for me! Lol I typed in "outback surgery" into my phone because I was so out of it ;)

Anyways, bushman bread and chicken noodle soup were perfect and totally hit the spot! I've been drinking water and Gatorade and feel completely hydrated :) stay on top of it though, you'll feel so much better!

Today (day 1 post-op) I've been watching One Tree Hill in bed and eating leftovers from Outback. Yum! I'm super sore, with extreme pressure on my lower breastbone and armpits, but its doable! Nothing to really complain about :) your support system is everything, and for me it's my bf! He's great :)

-Bring a blanket/pillow/water bottle/Chapstick with you on surgery day! You're going to wake up freezing and dry.
-Write down your med schedule
-Set up a comfy place to sleep for when you get home (I was advised to lay all the way down and not propped up, but I've done both so far)
-Eat. Don't skip meals, you don't want to throw up after taking meds
-Drink Gatorade for the purpose of electrolytes
-Buy bio oil (from target or Walmart) and apply it.. You want to avoid stretch marks :)

I attached two photos from day! I hope everyone is doing well :) Thank you again for the support!!

Boobieland is Glorious!

I absolutely love my new girls! They are starting to drop and fluff a little and feel like my own! I'm glad I didn't switch sizes and stayed with 320cc silicone mod + because I love them :) I still have a tight/sore feeling, but nothing to really complain about! I made my own breakfast and can use the restroom on my own. Recovery is a breeze if you stay on top of those meds, too! If you have the money and desire to get boobs, do it!!

So ecstatic! Will post pics soon :)

Loving my new girls :)

Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I'm trying to wait to post pics until that white bandage/tape is removed. It was supposed to come off tomorrow, but I had to reschedule for Thursday morning. Oh well! Still in heaven!

Day 3 went well, I shopped at the mall, oiled them, oh and finally showered!! I used a white garbage bag and clear tape. Worked like a charm :) Driving to the mall (sitting in the front passenger seat) wasn't the most comfortable because of the bumps, but definitely not horrible.

Today (Day 4) I showered again, oiled them up, and I'm now watching more One Tree Hill in bed haha. I return back to my desk job tomorrow from 1-5pm. Not too worried though.

Also, my left breast randomly 'gurgles' when I turn to sharp or pick up something lol. I don't think it's anything to stress about though. That's about it! They are getting softer each day :) so happy!

Day 5 & Work

So I'm returning back to my desk job today. I'm not too concerned about the pain as I am of someone noticing lol. I still have the tape on my chest, so I'm going to wear a high button up top. I'm hoping no one will notice! My shift is only 1-5, which isn't a bad transition to work at all. Couldn't imagine returning to a restaurant job that soon. But anyways, Day 5 has been the easiest 'morning boob' so far. Nothing painful! I'll post pics after my pre-op on Thursday :)

I hope all is well with you ladies :)

Post-op today!

I finally had my post-op appointment and my PS removed that tape above my breasts.. So happy about that! He said to take 800-1000 mg of Vitamin E and moisturize but DO NOT massage for another 3 weeks (@ my one month). I bought some Vitamin E and have been constantly lathering them in Bio Oil to avoid stretch marks. I feel like my right has dropped more than my left. Anyways, work hasn't been too overwhelming and overall I adore them!

Questions about driving!

When did you start driving again? How was it? When do you recommend?

I'm 8 days post-op and still a bit sore, especially in my left breast. Thanks :)

Before and Afters

Tried on some old swimsuits and bras! I need to hit the mall ASAP! Love having boobs :)

Should I be stressing out?

So yesterday my friend (out of town) visited me and the first thing she did was hug me reeeaaalllly hard and tight! I literally yelped it hurt so bad :/ my left boobie hurts and I'm worried I may have ruptured the implant or something. Ugh. Super upset and stressed! Do silicone implants rupture easily?? I hope everything will be fine..

I hope all is well with everyone on this blog :)

Almost 3 weeks post op!

My lefty still hurts a bit, but I think I was definitely over stressing :p

Tried on a few bras at VS. Right now I range between at 34B and 32C :)


I had a request for some pics of the scars, so here you go :) they look big here; however, I rarely notice them. Also, I think once they drop the crease will cover them. My doctor recommended I take 800-1000mg of vitamin E (I mentioned this before, I know lol) for the purposes of reducing scaring.

My left boob doesn't hurt anymore, so I think I was just overly paranoid. Today is my 3 week anniversary and the pain is 95% gone :)

Almost 6 weeks post-op :)

Hi all, I just wanted to update and post some pictures! I went to my second post-op visit, took a vacation, and now doing massages :) Feeling so much better! I'm still sleeping on my back/side and trying to take it easy. My left sometimes bothers me a bit more, but nothing to stress about ;)

I'm in the middle of moving right now (life of a college student lol), so I'm trying not to move any heavy items, just clothes and random little things. My doc said I can start lifting anything next Thursday (my 6 week) and can wear any type of bra! I bought 2 today :)

Hope all is well!!

Feeling down

Hi all, I definitely think I went too big for my body size and I'm starting to feel depressed about it. I lost sensation in my left breast and I'm just overall unhappy with this decision. Can anyone relate? :/

Still sad :(

I'm still regretting this decision :/ The implants are just too big for my body. I'm also kicking myself for not going with my gut and selecting a smaller size. I had my pre-op in July about 2 weeks before my actual surgery and called the office to switch to a smaller cc (300cc instead of 320cc). The office said I had to pay $50 on top of the $5,900 I already paid. I decided not to spend the extra $50 and listen to my PS and the office staff about the bigger size. I'm just really disappointed with myself and this entire experience :/

320cc Silicone: 1 Year

Hi girls!

I apologize for literally abandoning this site for these last few months. You were all so helpful for me that I wanted to update my page, share some tips and check in with you guys!

I still have my regrets about the surgery (I think I went a touch too big) but I do enjoy having something under there ;) As for the implants, they've settled well, but I think the right breast is a bit too low. I know it's naturally bigger than my left but I can notice the difference in how they sit. I'm hoping to schedule a check up appointment soon to have my doctor evaluate the lower breast.

Just random thoughts:
-I barely wear underwire bras-- I tend to wear bralettes or sports bras
-I typically avoid sleeping on my belly because I think I'm smashing my boobs lol
-I don't usually hug people tight whom I don't know well because someone told me they can feel the difference between natural breasts versus ones with implants
-I didn't tan them until about 8 months to avoid permanent scaring on the incision mark
-Running with them isn't a big deal at all- they sit well and don't weigh me down

Those are super random thoughts but that's basically what changes when you have implants. Thank you girls for all of the comments-- I'm hoping to reply back to you guys this week!! :)

2+ Year Post-Op

Hello Realself World,

I apologize for my lack of updates and communication! I wanted to check in and say that I am actually very happy with my results :) I wish I would've gone a touch smaller; however, my body is still growing into them. They feel and look natural, and are super soft. The scars are basically gone too! I will eventually post pics.


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