Septoplasty- Very Painful, Uncomfortable...but Works - Countryside, FL

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My doctor said he performs hundreds a year, and it...

My doctor said he performs hundreds a year, and it was no big deal. I beg to differ, I've had 2 natural child births, and they seem like nothing compared to the pain experienced with my septoplasty. When I first woke up from surgery I felt little to no pain at all because it was numbed. I shortly after started to have trouble breathing...turns out I had quite a bit of blood in my lungs from the surgery. I was able to cough most of it out, but it was hard, scary and painful.

By the time I had gotten home the numbness started to ware off and took the Lortab I was perscribed, which did nothing for the pain except put me to sleep for a half hour then it wore off. The pain became progressively worse over the next two days, I got no sleep, and did a lot of crying in my self pitty.

When my splints were taken out on the third day post-op, taking out the stiches hurt but just for a second. The splints felt werid to be taken out but were to much relief! The next few days were full of mouth breathing and nose bleeding. But despite all this pain and uncomfortableness, for the first time in almost 10 years I have not gotten a migraine in 6 weeks, where as before I got one litterly everyother day. Also for the first time in almost 10 years I can fully hear out of my left ear, where as before everyone thought I was half deaf, when really it was filled with blocked up mucus.

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