Would NOT Recommend for Lines Around Lips - Florida

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Spent $3200 in Restylane in a year for lines...

Spent $3200 in Restylane in a year for lines around my lips.

The Restylane only lasted 3 months so had to keep going back to the Dr to get more.

This works out very expensive and is not guaranteed.

I contacted the company and they do not guarantee Restylane for lips, they only guarantee the time frame (6 to 9 months) for the naso labial folds.

I know there are good and bad injection techniques, so not sure if my Dr is not using the proper technique for injection. Not sure. I did 3 yrs of research on my Dr prior to going to him, and everything came back very positive, so I'm to believe it's the Resylane itself.

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I prefer not to list my Dr's name

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