Love It- Best Material out There and I Have Tried Them All - Florida, FL

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I am a doctor myself though in a different field...

I am a doctor myself though in a different field and I had gotten injections since my early twenties. Nasolabial folds, undereye, lips and cheeks. I have pretty much tried any filler out there. Despite what many say I was not too excited about the hyaluronic acid based fillers. you constantly have to come in for new procedures. I then tried Artefill once but got too scared by the permanent character of ir and then Radiesse. Radiesse was excellent for me. I had literally minimal swelling and discomfort (way less than with Restylane) and the results looked great. I would not recommend it for undereye or lips though, there hyaluronic acid fillers are appropriate.

I started getting trained on doing injections two years ago and am now doing the injections on myself too. I must say that after trying Restylane several times, I switched back to Radiesse. It just seems more suitable for areas like cheeks or nasolabial folds and requires fewer treatments which means less hassle and also less risks. I am very happy with the results. There is virtually no risk of getting an allergic reaction and it even stimulates your tissue to produce collagen which hyaluronate does not. A great product. For other areas, such as lips hyaluronate derivatives are the right choice though.

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