Patience and a Little Effort Made my Liposuction a Success!

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Liposuction has been the answer to a greatly...

Liposuction has been the answer to a greatly improved body and I'm really happy I did it. Like most of you, I read so many patient reviews -- that is one of the cons because the negative feedback does add an element of fear when it's time to choose your doctor. I read a lot of helpful info and the pictures convinced me to give a try anyway as I was very depressed with my aging body not responding as quickly to my exercise routine.

I chose a Doctor and his staff in Ormond Beach, Florida and they were great. The doctor also specializes in weight loss and has a weight loss club as part of his practice. I liked the positive and encouraging tone of the entire staff. They follow-up so well with a process that smoothes your treated area after the procedure. The emphasis was also on 'what I could do to keep improving'. The tone at the Clinic is not fancy and the staff is not patronizing. They are very real and easy to contact and give quick response.

I've read some of the negatives that other patients went through. In my case the fear of pain was way worse than the procedure -- they made sure that I was comfortable and my Doctor asked if I was hurting a few times, so he's on alert to do the best he can. They played music which helped a lot. His nurse stayed by my side the entire time and he had an assistent with the Lipo. Also, I found the compression garment to be even better than comfortable -- it actually felt good to wear it -- sort of protective. --Oh -- and they run discounts for the added areas treated.

My scars were small and were noticeable for close...

My scars were small and were noticeable for close to 6months but they are not visable anymore.  I am in my 50's and didn't expect to look as taught as a younger person, but I was very satisfied with how I look in clothes or 1-pc. swimsuit. 

Dr. Lance Ashworth

He's tuned in to making the experience as comfortable as possible. His practice includes a weight loss program --he's an athlete and very informative on how to carry out your goals through exercise and diet. He's determined to do a good job and is visably happy for the patient who works toward achieving their goal. He doesn't object if the patient wishes to contact him directly and calls the patient the morning after the Lipo to inquire about comfort level and to make sure there is nothing unusual going on in terms of bleeding, etc.

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