Hair Growing Back Where Moles Were Removed from Face - Florida

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I had a great dermatologist.... and I was pleased...

I had a great dermatologist.... and I was pleased with the results until i noticed that the hair still grows. It didn't hurt at all.

I just had a couple moles removed from my face a few days ago... they are beginning to heal, but now I notice that they are still growing hairs. I was trying to improve my looks, and now I am very worried about what might happen with the hairs growing, and I am going to have a scab and then a scar. Will I have an ingrown hair problem now? I am so worried. I am going to call the dermatologist who did this. But I am very scared I made a mistake in opting to have them removed if I am going to have complications. What should I do? And what is it that I should expect? My insurance is also going to run out in a couple weeks.

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