Horrible Experience, Juverderm Never Smoothed out Laugh Lines.

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I went to a plastic surgeons office with concerns...

I went to a plastic surgeons office with concerns regarding laugh lines. The plastic surgeon quickly advised me to have juverderm injected into these areas in order to smooth the lines out. Since the doctor was not able to do the procedure himself, he a nurse do the procedure. I knew there was a problem due to the nurse continuing to apply pressure on my right side of my face, trying to smooth out this area, even after she had finished the procedure. Once she showed me the results, all she could tell me is that the lumps would eventually go away in the next week or two. After leaving the office, I was only hoping that this was true. Unfortunately, this area never smoothed out and continued to be lumpy. It almost looked like I had several cysts on one side of my face. What a waste of $650.00!

Primera Plastic Surgery, Day Spa & Salon

Procedure was horrible. Truly believe that nurse was inexperienced and that doctor should have been supervising her during procedure.

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