Fraxel C02 Done, Some Complications - Florida

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I am day 4 and in the worst pain. I had my face,...

I am day 4 and in the worst pain. I had my face, neck and chest done. Day 1 was ok. Apparently, the script that I got for valtrex was for the generic and not the original. I started to get red and redder, and now I am red/purple day 4. I have run a fever since day 1. I actually got sick day 2 and started to throw up, though not sure if related to my procedure or not.

My chest and neck hurts so bad that I can hardly move. My dermatologist took samples on it today for any skin infection. My eyes are still so swollen that they just tear all the time. I am just red/purple and look so bad. I am just plain scared to death at this point that my skin will never go back to normal.

I am caucasian. Its like having open third degree burns, I am on constant pain pills. Can anyone relate or offer any advice? I will post pictures in another day.

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