ThermiTight for Neck and Jawline Florida, FL

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I have some laxity under my chin and along my...

I have some laxity under my chin and along my jawline. I reside in Miami Beach and I have consulted with 4 different doctors from Miami Beach all the way to Boca Raton. I was pretty shocked with the vast difference in prices ranging from $1500 all the way to $4200. All doctors I consulted with were referred by ThermiTight in their Doctor locator search.

I'm willing to pay more money depending on the Doctor's experience and his or her reviews. After much deliberation I have chosen Dr Pozner in Boca Raton for 2 reasons: He has done over 100 of these procedures and the cost is affordable. It is $2500 and a 200 dollar facility fee. I have not yet booked my appointment as I want to get some more feedback with regard to the various price ranges for the same procedure. Maybe its just me but I find some doctors are charging way too much and I'm don't want to be duped when I can use the saved money for another beauty treatment.

Looking for feedback with regard to price, bedside manner, and result from the following docs:
Dr Phanor Calle Weston FL
Dr Rivlin, Miami Beach
Dr Rubenstein, Aventura
Dr Pozner, Boca Raton

Day 1-Waking Up after Thermitight

NEXT MORNING - HOLY HELL I am in so much pain. I have a very high tolerance for pain so I am quite shocked. I have read many reviews and no one has described this pain. It hurts whenever I use my neck muscles including swallowing, stretching, and turning my head. So happy I took off of work and my kids spent the night out. I can't wait to see the doctor today to see what is going on under the bandages. Generally I don't bother with pain medication but I am actually considering requesting a stronger pain medication.

Friday: Day 1 After Thermitight and after 1st Post-Op Visit

I feel 100% better than I did this morning, sorry that I whined with my earlier post. I had my follow-up next day post-op visit. I arrived 45 minutes early and they graciously took me right in. I went in to take the bandages off and to replace it with a chin strap. The pain level is down to a bearable 4 and apparently upon waking up it is normal to feel much worse. I thought I was getting the stitches out, but was told that I will do that in 3 days (Monday). Everything looks ok from the nurses end. I will wear the chin strap for the weekend, but I can take it off for a short period if I need to run an errand.
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

I had the Thermitight procedure with Dr. Pozner. The issue is loose skin under the chin and some laxity in the jaw line. The entire procedure took under an hour. I was prepped and cleaned and then injected with numbing medicine under my chin and along my jowl lines. I waited for about ten minutes and the Dr. was ready to begin. I must say I was impressed with his bedside manner and found him to be very likable. He inserted the needle probe in three areas-under each ear and under my chin. I had to wait another ten minutes to ensure the lidocaine had reached its desired effect. I didn't feel any pain (the lidocaine injections) were more uncomfortable than the Thermitight probing which took approximately 20 minutes. When he was finished he stitched up the 3 points of insertion and the nurse wrapped me up as if I had a facelift. I can't see anything due to the bandages however I can see some bruising creeping onto my upper chest as well as some soreness. My neck feels numb and I'm anxious to see what I will look like tomorrow. I would say my pain level is about a 5 from a 1-10 scale. Be prepared to take at least 2 days off and if you have kids get someone to back you up. Make sure someone drives you home, this is not something to be taken lightly. I return tomorrow to remove the dressing. I will post more details of my recovery timeline. At this juncture I fell that the staff was very professional, Dr. Pozner has an excellent bedside manner, and the wait time was reasonable. The true test will be revealed over the next few months. PS. Please excuse any typos

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