I'm Afraid I'll Never Be the Same Since Fraxel! I Was Told That I'd Love the Results...Florida, FL

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As I am emotional writing this review, I know what...

As I am emotional writing this review, I know what it's like to search for any kind of answers... unfortunately I don't have any, I only know that I've kinda lost hope on my damage getting better and would like to share my story. I am a little more than a year out from my Fraxel nightmare and have pitted dents and scars that were never there before. Yes the aging process has been dramatically speed up with fine lines & loss of volume, but the worst part is looking in the mirror knowing that I made a choice based on the thought that I'd love the results! have struggled everyday with this as I knew very shortly after the procedure that something went wrong... I'm in my 30's and look much older now, before I never looked my age. I originally went to my dermatologist for superficial breakouts that I was having, and he informed me it was not acne but that I was allergic to nuts. But I'm a perfectionist so I wanted my skin to look better faster instead of letting the natural healing process take place... I did it this. It's proven to be the biggest mistake I could have ever made!!! Now I'm wondering what my next step is? I want to repair this awful damage but I am terrified of lasers. I'm not sure if it's just Fraxel that causes this, I've read numerous cases of these same damaging effects because of it. I have kept this to myself besides a select few, I try so very hard to keep what I'm going through under wraps, but people that know me have noticed a difference not just in my appearance but also my once happy picture taking, bubbly, outgoing personality slowly fading away... but trust me, I'm fighting to keep this bubbly girl alive :) I do have an amazing husband that God has blessed me with, he has loved me and tried to help me through this! I also have an awesome God that created our body's to be able heal themselves. I'm sorry that I choose not to post pics, maybe one day I can/will do so... I can only pray that this may help others because it has taken this long for me to write this review.
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