Expecting "TWINS" Again!! Taking the Plunge.... -Florida, FL

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I must admit, I have read a lot of "i have wanted...

I must admit, I have read a lot of "i have wanted big boobs ever since I can remember", but that isn't neccessarily my case. I use to have a fairly nice full C cup in highschool and was never really dis-satisfied with my girls nor did I ever really find myself comparing myself with anyone else. I think I have always been pretty confident in who I am which really is a good reason for me to get some boobs. I know I am not getting them to 'show off', as I am quite conservative and already married ;), but becuase I have lost that nice C cup I once had, and my hubby and I have both agreed to it. He is supportive of it and I am thankful for that. I am a momma of 4 and am done having babies! It was important for me to want to wait till we were done popping out kids.

I started working out pretty hard in college as I played college basketball and began my journey to 'loosing' my boobs, lol :) After i had my first 2 kids at 28 and 29, I was very "full" from breast feeding. And At 31, I had TWIN boys!! This was difficult for me......very challenging and I had a difficult time breast feeding after 6 months unfortunetly.
After my milk went away, one boob was a little smaller than the other and I have been left with a small 36B. Not totally bothersome, but over the years I have begun to admire women with bigger boobs! I have been researching for several years now and gone to several consultations but was always nervous about the operation/recovery itself along with long term possible complications, but it seems lime now-a days, this proceedure is very safe and I have finally overcome my fears.....sorta!
I'm 8 days away, 7 days from my pre-op. This has been a great sight for settling some nerves for sure. Today?- picked up my pain meds and a 'bigger' zipup hoody and pullon leggings for the first few days!
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