finally doing something for me!!!!!!!!! - Miami, FL

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Where should I start? Lol. Well, I'm 29 years old...

Where should I start? Lol. Well, I'm 29 years old and the mother to 2 wonderful little girls! I work full time and I also attend school full-time. I have been stalking this site for 6 months!!!!! I have dedicated my life to my children. Since my mother passed away, I have become the matriarch of my extended family. Its a big responsibility to carry. I have been the person everyone calls when there are emergencies, arguments etc etc. I'm always doing for others and its now time for me to do something for me!!! After I had my second daughter my body went down hill! Lol. I want to regain my body and confidence back!!!!!

I'm looking to get a bbl done in Florida! Any suggestions on what doctors to look into? I'm looking for a small waist and a big heart shaped butt!

I'm 5'4 and 164 lbs. I'm aiming to get this sx done in the end of April

Please help, I need suggestions!

I think I decided on my doctor!!!!

So I think I have decided to go with Dr. Ortega! I really like his work and I think he will give me great results!

I'm just trying to figure out what recovery homes are out there. I need some options. Any suggestions ladies?

Wish pics


So it's been over a year since I updated my profile. I originally wanted to get my bbl last year around spring break but some unexpected expenses stopped me from going through with the surgery. But I'm back and I finally booked my surgery with Dr. Alvarez in MiamI on July 14!!! I'm so beyond excited!!!! Since last year, I have gained almost 20 lbs!!!! All of that is happy weight!!!! Love will make you get comfortable. So I'm now in the process of losing the same 20 lbs. So far I have lost 5 lbs. I'm going to get back as healthy as possible before this surgery.


I can't believe how much I have let myself go. I love my beautiful kids and my amazing boyfriend of 5 years but I really have put them first over myself!! I was ashamed to post these pics but this is me and I'm living in my truth.
Dr Alvarez

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