41 Years Old, 5'6, 130 lbs and Ready for Some Curves! BBL is my Answer! Florida, FL

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I'm just starting my BBL journey and it's a bit...

I'm just starting my BBL journey and it's a bit overwhelming. I'm 41 years old w/ an 18 month old. I've never been curvaceous but I'm hoping getting a BBL will change that. I'm currently looking at Dr. Soto in Orlando, Dr. Fisher, Dr. Hasan & Dr. Ortega in Miami. I've read some disturbing reviews on Ortega so he probably going to be a no go . Any suggestions?

Some Pics of what i look like now

My wish pics

I just want simple perky butt. That's all.

I think I'm ready!!!

After stalking this site for what seems like forever I narrowed my BBL Dr's to Dr. Soto in Orlando, Dr. Blinski & Dr. Llorente in Miami.
I have to thank all the strong, honest women on this site who shared their experiences (good and bad) and helped me narrow it down to my final 3 (with Dr. Blinski coming in strong first because I followed him on Instagram, I was IMPRESSED with his work & he responds to messages in a timely manner).

Sooooooo I've gained weight since I joined. I'm now 140 lbs & I'm ready for a booty. My husband is also very supportive (after I showed him some before and after pics he jumped on the BBL wagon real quick). Lol.

Now I have to put my finances in order!

I think I made my decision.

After much research on the internet and stalking on RS I finally made my decision. I'm going to go with Dr. Blinski. I made an appointment for a consultation and had to cancel due to a family emergency and Dr. Blinski personally followed up with me....On a Saturday! My own primary Dr doesn't call me or give out his personal cell. I'm not only impressed with his surgical abilities but I'm also impressed with his work ethic. I'm hoping to be a Blinski doll in 2017or 2018.
Dr. Blinski

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