41 Years Old, 5'6, 130 lbs and Ready for Some Curves! BBL is my Answer! Florida, FL

I'm just starting my BBL journey and it's a bit...

I'm just starting my BBL journey and it's a bit overwhelming. I'm 41 years old w/ an 18 month old. I've never been curvaceous but I'm hoping getting a BBL will change that. I'm currently looking at Dr. Soto in Orlando, Dr. Fisher, Dr. Hasan & Dr. Ortega in Miami. I've read some disturbing reviews on Ortega so he probably going to be a no go . Any suggestions?

Some Pics of what i look like now

My wish pics

I just want simple perky butt. That's all.

I think I'm ready!!!

After stalking this site for what seems like forever I narrowed my BBL Dr's to Dr. Soto in Orlando, Dr. Blinski & Dr. Llorente in Miami.
I have to thank all the strong, honest women on this site who shared their experiences (good and bad) and helped me narrow it down to my final 3 (with Dr. Blinski coming in strong first because I followed him on Instagram, I was IMPRESSED with his work & he responds to messages in a timely manner).

Sooooooo I've gained weight since I joined. I'm now 140 lbs & I'm ready for a booty. My husband is also very supportive (after I showed him some before and after pics he jumped on the BBL wagon real quick). Lol.

Now I have to put my finances in order!
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