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Upper Eyelid Only (thank...

Upper Eyelid Only (thank goodness!)

Immediately after surgery my brow (yes brow) drooped terribly and I was unable to look upwards due to issues with the underlying muscles - once the swelling wend down I am able to pull my eyes upward ..but to this day I still cannot look up fully...looks like I'm sad/drunk!)I now have to pluck my eyebrows until they are almost gone and pencil in fake brows too help hide the brow droop (and I am not paying for a brow lift too ...lord only knows what could go wrong there!) Also, the scar line, which was supposed to be in the crease, is actually just under my brow and VERY noticable, even today. I looked so much better before surgery.

Definitely consider that horrible things could happed to you, even when you choose a reputable doctor and see photos ...remember, you are seeing his or her BEST work ...not the others who have walked away in tears (that is, if the tear ducts still work!!)

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