Brighter Smile

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It takes 15min with gel and an ultraviolet light...

it takes 15min with gel and an ultraviolet light and it doesn't work.

I got it for my daughter a day before her photo shoot at first it had white spots on her teeth like the top four and the bottom and top still didn't change at all it looked just like it did when I first went in the offfice it defeated the purpose. I was very upset I was cursing at the rep and everything. I actually wanted my money back and although I'm very wealthy I still could't accept the robbery because I really wanted it for my daughters photo shoot. the amount didn't matter but her teeth didn't go up not one shade and they advertise 2-8 shades whiter. Such a rip off. Later the white spots did disappear which calmed me down once I arrived home but still no briter then before.

If you want to brighten your teeth go to the Dentist and get the molding for your teeth and two weeks worth of gel to take home because it really works. I did it six years ago I never got my teeth whitten again and I brush with plus white toothpaste because it works as well. Don't waste your money even if you can afford it cause you make people be in business for people who can't afoord the ripe off and ripping people off is very cruel.I call it madoff brightening it would have you mad off not better off.


It's honestly a rip off no one wants to get ripped off.

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