Considering Breast Augmentation Revision, Very Disappointed with Ptosis and Double Bubble

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Pros: larger breast, 1-2 cup size larger. Lowered...

Pros: larger breast, 1-2 cup size larger. Lowered crease, nipple is more balanced between upper pole and chest. Fill out bras better. Look great in low cut tops. Really easy recovery. Very little pain. Healing is fast. Results pretty much immediate.

Cons: Don't feel I recieved the right procedure for my slightly droopy breasts. I feel I should have gone over the muscle instead of under. My new inframmary fold is lower than the original, I feel its a little too low. Now I have a crease from where my old fold was, across my new implants. I do not feel my implants were large enough to fill the existing tissue. I was told I DID NOT need a breast lift. I am unhappy with the results as the shape of my breasts are larger, pointier versions of my old breasts, but with creases in them (double bubble).

My doctor and I are working on a plan for revision. She originally wanted to perform an areaola reduction, which she felt would correct the double bubble...but after talking about the lack of roundness underneath the old fold, we were thinking of replacing the implants in a larger size, over the muscle, to better fill out and expand the ptosis. My case is very slight, but enough to cause this effect of double bubble.

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I feel my surgeon is an excellent surgeon as far as aesthetic outcomes...she does beautiful work and I would have been happier, had we communicated more in the beginning and have avoided these circumstances with the double bubble. I do not blame her for what happened but I do feel there should have been a warning of these possible outcomes.

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