Should Have Left my Saggy Boobs Alone - Florida

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Wanted implant because I had very saggy boobs from...

Wanted implant because I had very saggy boobs from breastfeeding. Got my first augmentation in 2000 and they went through my belly button. After 3 years started looking very bottom heavy and had very saggy skin inbetween. 6 years later had a revision with a lift and swithed out implants with saline 325 cc's. Absolutly loved them, looked natural and had the upper pole fullness I desired! Then 3 years later my left implant ruptured. Ended up switching both out to cohisive gel implant and now I hate them again. One week after getting them done my left breast is saggy and I have no upper pole fullness in either breast. I'm so dissappointed. My ps says that my skin is thin and I just need another lift. But it wasn't like that before the rupture. I just don't understand. This breast augmentation has just been one bad experiance after another!

I'm so depressed about my breasts. I feel like...

I'm so depressed about my breasts. I feel like it's my PS fault. He won't listen to me! He keeps saying they look good and I think they are saggy or low on my chest wall or my pockets are too big. The left one is saggier so he said he wants to do another lift on the left only and charge me $2300. They were not like that with the other implants, which were saline, but I had to have revision 3 yrs later due to a rupture in my left implant. And I swiched them to gel. He also did a lift with first set. So why when I had them replaced with gel did they sag again. My PS says I have thin skin and ithappens but they wernt like that with the others at all! I'm so cofused. I feel like its something he is done so I think he needs to fix them for free. I have no more money to give him. I wouldn't be satisfied with him just fixing the left one anyway. Don't know what to do.

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