Brazilian Butt Lift - Florida

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I will be getting lipo on upper/lower back, abs,...

I will be getting lipo on upper/lower back, abs, flanks, and maybe arms. I was debating on going to Colombia since I have seen girls coming back to the US with excellent results, but I don't want to take the chance of traveling out of the country and have something go wrong during surgery. For example, going into a comma or something. Just the thought of my family having to deal with something like that while I'm out of the country made me quickly change my mind.

So after extensive research, I have decided to go to Hal Harbour. The online consultation is quick & convenient, they offer great pricing, the doctor is well known, and the results look great. The patient coordinator answered all my questions, although she seemed a bit annoyed when I kept asking things. But at the end of the day, she gave me lots of details, and was very quickly to respond to all my e-mails. I wasn't too comfortable with the wording of their proposal, but we were able to work out my concerns.

I'm super excited and nervous. Can't wait!

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