Slim wanting a BBL

Hey! I'm 19, 130 lbs, 5'3. Can someone tell me...

Hey! I'm 19, 130 lbs, 5'3.
Can someone tell me the best doctor? I'm stuck between
Rami Ghurani
Orlando Llorente
Mel Ortega
Or Hanabergh

I don't have enough fat for two rounds so I need this to be done right the first time, I also plan on doing it in the summer before my sophomore year in college


How do I actually tag my doctor?

Date Set

Date set for May 17th. Still trying to gain weight, any suggestions?

Weight gain ????

Currently at 137-139 pounds. I think I'm content with all this new weight since I don't want a huge butt. Ready for my sx. 97 days to go ????

Current bbl list

I don't plan on going crazy with supplies. Basically want to buy the necessities and buy anything else I may need/want throughout
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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