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I have been searching for a doc to preform my...

I have been searching for a doc to preform my surgery. Iv looked seriously into 4 doctors so far. At this point Im leaning towards Dr. Azurin. He seems to have the most consistant results from pictures Iv looked at. Im coming from Kansas so Iv never met him so this whole experience makes me nervous to pick someone and then just show up for surgery and hope for the best. When I came across this site I began reading what everyone said about him. So basically Im leaning towards him because how you all have made him seem. So a little background on me. Im a wife and a stay at home mom of my 19 month old son. I love every single aspect of my life... except one. My Body! My thighs have rubbed together since 5th grade. No matter how much I workout it never makes a difference. I gained 70 pounds with my son. Possibly more i literally stopped looking after that. It has been such a stuggle but with the help of weight watchers I now am 10 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant! Yay! However flat booties run in my family and Iv watched all the women in my family get flatter and flatter booties as the years go by. So Im on a mission to not allow that to happen to me. So this is only the begining of my journey but I will keep you updated as things happen with me in hopes that one day my experience can help someone like everyone here has helped me. So this far all Iv done is send my pics into his office. This is the furthest Iv gotten with any office so far. Lynne is going to be helping me on this journey and Iv heard nothing but good things about her on here.
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