Silicone strips

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Went in for upper and lower bleph and had fat...

Went in for upper and lower bleph and had fat transfer on lowers...i research every thing, u name it,, doctors, procedures,, but for some insane reason i didn't research bout the fat. The doctor mentioned it to me 2 days before surgery and it sounded very cost effective. I used this doctor before and i trusted him. So far so good with the surgery but i have a lump in one of my tear troughs that he did a diluted injection of a steroid..hasn't changed much,,probably will need more but i have using silicone strips on the area it it looks like it is SLOWLY helping. Could it be the mild pressure from the strip???,,,i wear them overnite and acouple of hours during the day. The product that i'm using is called scar away and also helps with post surgical scaring as well,,....
Good luck to everyone in the same boat..its so hard to go through this when something goes wrong..u end up kicking your self day after day,,,and it gets you so down in the dumps. Hope we all can find a happy medium with our results over time..i'm so glad i found this site,,to know that there are others going threw what i am going threw as well.
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