Excited, Nervous but Goals in Sight - Florence, SC

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I am 66 . Recovered from bilateral breast...

I am 66 . Recovered from bilateral breast reduction last year- THAT was truly worth the costs!
Now working on renewing/ improving facial features. Had lower face lift on Jan 30,2017. Day 3 of recovery- lots of swelling, a little bruising- mostly on the neck, some nausea. Some pressure type pains in cheek areas and back of ears where sutures are. Pains are more severe at night . Not bad enough to call doctor Griffin yet- I am taking Tylenol- 2 every 6 hours- which is fairly adequate until I can drift off to sleep- the sleeping on 3 pillows, on my back, doesn't help with my discomfort but I am keeping my thoughts on good results. I am not taking the narcotic pain meds because I really hate the zombie feelings...the swelling seems better today but there is some pain in the left cheek and suture area today.. trying to take the Tylenol at regular intervals and praying that I am not damaging my liver. Doc and Kate Griffin have been so kind and concerned , advising me to call or text anytime. I am trying to be a good patient though and not bother them every day. I know that time is the healer and between it and my doc and his precious wife nurse, Kate, I feel like I am in good hands.

6 weeks post op FL

I am app, 6 weeks post op my FL. Some slight swelling and numbness remain around the left jawline area. No pain or discomfort otherwise . My pic makes me even more anxious to get more work done for the eye bags, the uneven, thin lips, the "bunny" line, and complexion issues. Ugh.

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