I Have Had Several Lipo Procedures Overall I Am Happy with Results - Floral City, FL

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I really think lipo is great for the genetically...

i really think lipo is great for the genetically stubborn fat storage areas i told my husband if i worked out for a year that he would have to give his approval for lipo . well i worked out and looked 75 % better . i have always been (skinny fat) 115 5'3''no muscle always on a diet to keep 10lbs off . i didnt want to diet anymore and still exercise .so i did the lipo on abd,love handles . My ps is very conservative and didnt want to take much to avoid the tara reid lipo .. so i had to go back multi times to get what shape i want. well this last time he did my saddlebag and lefts a dent nunder my right crease with asymmetry
i am thinking about fat grafting for a dent on the right side . not sure what to do
he is experienced and reputable but old school . he is old too:) he does fat grafting for the face . but he doesnt do them for the but . i initially wanted a Brazilian but went with just the lipo in hopes of a better but. now I'm in a position i dont have as much fat to harvest if i went to another ps . also the dent is big should i just let him fix that
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