When cast came off, I loved my profile but not the front - 4 weeks later, I LOVE MY NEW NOSE!- Fleming Island, FL

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Ever since I was a teenager, I hated my nose. I'm...

Ever since I was a teenager, I hated my nose. I'm 28 years old now and I finally decided to go under a knife in hopes to get rid of self-consciousness and unhappiness with my nose. I would describe my nose as over projected with a small hump and with a hanging columella (which at times, especially when I smile broadly, makes my nose appear longer than it actually is).

I had three consultations with three distinctive local surgeons. The very first consultation was a scary one! The surgeon mentioned removing a muscle (through an incision in my mouth) to prevent my nose from pulling down when I smile. I did not like his work and he did not make me feel at ease; moreover, I felt rushed. I decided to see a different doctor; I had a great conversation with him, knew of his work through one the people I know, and really felt at ease with him. Although, he did not know who I saw originally, he was strictly against the "removal" of the muscle. Did I mention that he was affordable? I thought he was the one!

THEN, I met with Dr. Pearson - who was SO approachable, knowledgeable, and just so enthusiastic about his vision of your "new" nose. His before and afters are exceptional! And, his clients on RealSelf love him - which really means a lot to a person who never underwent any type of surgery. I knew he was the one!

I scheduled a rhinoplasty for August 28th. I am getting more nervous as the date approaches...I hope it turns out beautifully and that there are no complications. I am active, I work out, and I don't drink and smoke. I just hate needles and blood (I can't be the only one!). Fingers crossed!

Surgery Day

I arrived at the surgery center and everything went as smooth as possible. I'm a big chicken when it comes to needles but the nurse was extra gentle. Before I knew it, I was waking up from anesthesia with discomfort. The pain wasn't horrible but was definitely noticeable - especially on the "bump" bone. The worst part wasn't the pain, it was nausea for me. I ended up vomiting the old blood that must've drained in my body during the surgery. After that, I was feeling ok. Dr. Pearson checked on me and showed me the pictures of it (before the cast came on) to put my mind at ease. I was so morphed up that I don't even remember what I saw, ha! Either way, I trust him!

When I got home, I was pretty sleepy and the pain was present, but not unbearable. I didn't take any pain pills - just antibiotics. The bruising and swelling started developing as I went to bed. The U-shaped pillow I purchased a few days before was a lifesaver! Invest in one as you will be needing it.

1 Day Post-Op

Phew, I was prepared to feel beat down but not as much as I'm feeling. The swelling rushed down my face and the bruising developed around the eye area. I swear I look like an alien, haha! But that's ok for now. The drainage out of my nose is lesser today than it was yesterday. I have an appointment with Dr. Pearson later this afternoon and I will make sure I provide an update.

2 Day Post-Op

I didn't update for a few days so I'll go through and summarize. Day 2 post op was the worst for me. After I saw my doctor on day 1 post op, I came home exhausted. The Dr. mentioned that I had a lot of swelling where the bone work was done. I had a bit of bruising under my eyes and some in the corner of my eyes - developing onto the eyelids. I was becoming more and more uncomfortable as the day went on and I decided to take a pain pill; shortly after I went to sleep. Holy dry mouth (I was congested and could only breathe out of my mouth)! As if sleeping on my back, nearly sitting up, wasn't uncomfortable enough.

3 Day Post-Op

Well, I woke up with one of my eyes completely shut but it wasn't horrible. The pain was no longer there but I was still pretty clogged up, swollen, and runny. My upper lip was swollen from day one too. I have a pretty full pout but I didn't mind them getting bigger. :) All in all, lots of sleeping and not moving around today.

4 Day Post-Op

I woke up feeling better. I actually had a full night of sleep with an occasional runny nose and dry mouth - still breathing through my mouth. My left nostril appears to be fine but my right one is completely congested. The swelling/bruising on my left eye is disappearing and the bruises under my eyes are yellowing; I didn't bruise terribly. I was able to do some stuff around the house and had more energy than during the other three days.

5 Day Post-Op

Progress, progress! I woke up with barely any bruising remaining. I actually applied some concealer and went to see my family. I moved around a lot, did some work from home, but still couldn't breathe out of one of my nostrils. Still runny, swollen, and congested.

6 Day Post-Op

I woke up slightly more puffy today and still congested. I took a shower this morning; my mom washed my hair yesterday, and I applied some concealer and mascara. Headed to get my cast removed! Excited and so nervous. The cast removal was painless but I WAS a big baby and ended up taking a Tylenol on my way there.

OH wow, I love my profile! I can't say the same about my front. It's SO wide and I feel like a pug! The Dr. mentioned that I was going to swell as the day goes on but I am not liking my new nose as of right now. I actually came home, took a few photos of the front, and started feeling really depressed. I crawled in bed - uninterested in food or anything else. I hope the swelling subsides over the next few days as I have to go back into work on Monday. Today is Wednesday. Agh!

10 Day Post-Op, Adjusting!

So, I woke up this morning feeling a little better about my nose. The swelling definitely went down some but it's still very present. One of the nostrils is more swollen than the other - making the nose look deformed or something. I couldn't be happier with my profile but that front, phew(!), oh boy. I panicked last night and emailed my doctor. I hope he understands...otherwise, doing ok, a little self conscious and unable to smile. That upper lip is still paralyzed. I think the combination of the swelling and the lip makes me look not myself...let's hope for better days.

14 Day Post Op, Healing & Adjusting

So, I saw my doctor today and I appear to be right on track with healing. He peeked inside of my nose and said that my nose is definitely swollen but that this is all normal. My columella is tight and almost pulling on the area between my lips and my nose. I addressed this with my Dr. and he mentioned that this is all normal as that's typically what happens when he performs "columellar setback". I feel at ease. He also showed me some nasal exercises; I must admit, they're kind of painful and I'm scared that I'm going to damage my nose. He reassured me that I will not as long as I follow his directions. Overall, today was a good day. I trust his work and that puts me at ease. As of right now, I have a lot of swelling, therefore, I can't say that I love or hate my nose but something tells me that I'm going to love it! Dr. P also mentioned that 60% of my swelling will be gone by week 6. Can't wait!!!

4 Weeks Post-Op - Gets better EVERY day!

I would like to apologize for overreacting previously but I woke up this morning and realized what a great decision it was to have my nose done. The swelling is still present but SLOWLY disappearing and I am more and more confident!!! I loved my profile when the cast came off but now I'm really liking my front too! For the record, I never doubted Dr. Pearson and his abilities! He is a true magician and I am so thankful I chose him to operate on my face. WORTH IT!

6 Weeks - Time is Flying!

So, I saw Dr. Pearson yesterday and it appears that I am doing exceptionally well. He mentioned that that I've been taking a great care of my incision line (which I have been) and that I am right on track with healing. One of my nostrils appears slightly bigger than the other which could be the swelling. Either way, I am not too worried about it. The nose is looking great and nobody, and I mean nobody, that I haven't told noticed the difference. I don't see this as a bad thing as I didn't want anyone to know. To me it looks a 100 times different, and in a good way; and that is all that matters! Dr. Pearson is amazing! I'm not looking to do any surgeries again but if I wanted to, I'd choose Dr. Pearson again. I hope he's around when I'm in my 40s and needing Botox, lol. Oh, and before I go, he mentioned that I could go back to using Clarisonic and wearing sunglasses! Wohoo!

Best Thing I Did For Myself!

My one year anniversary is two weeks away and I couldn't be happier with the results. Okay, maybe I could be just a bit happier - but I'm overanalyzing very, very small details. My new nose is pretty close to perfect! I have so much more confidence, thanks to Dr. Pearson!

After nearly a year since the surgery, I saw Dr. Pearson a few days ago and we agreed to make a few very small changes (in-office visit). I was given a steroid shot which is supposed to take care of some of the swelling on the right side of my nose. I hate needles but this was not bad at all. It just stung for a second or two. I'm already seeing positive changes!

Again, if I were to do it again, I would still choose Dr. Pearson hoping for the results I presently have! No regrets. So worth it!
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