From Flab to Abs Smart Lipo Changed my Body from Average Girl to Swimsuit Model

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I had smart lipo done on upper lower abs flanks...

I had smart lipo done on upper lower abs flanks inner thighs and knees (5 areas) 4 days ago. I will have to say that the acutal procedure was brutal bc my body didn't respond well to the demoral, so I could feel and remember everything. (that was really my own thing though nothing to do with the center) However, my results are amazing the juice was definantly worth the squeeze!!

I am 5'8 wearing a size 29 jean I was only 10 lbs out from my ideal bodyweight. I work out 6 days a week with little change ever in these areas. The doc removed about 2 1/2 liters I would have to had deprived my body of so much to have ever achieved the result I have had very little bruising and only slight swelling. I will finally be able to see abs that I work so hard for!

Dr. Swetney Face and Body Medical Aesthetics of Tulsa

I chose to do this bc I had trouble areas that didn't respond to diet and exercise. The staff and Doctor are wonderful. They made the procedure very easy. Dr Swetney uses the most state of the art medical equiptment there is on the market. What he did for me will change my perception of my body forever.

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