EXTREMELY PAINFUL! !! Too Soon to Say Effect.. - Florida

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I don't like that this site shows same woman's...

I don't like that this site shows same woman's face under two different age groups. Goes to show there is dishonesty from get go.
I wish I had checked this tx out more bf doing it. No one told me how EXTREMELY PAINFUL the process would be. No one could pay me what I spent, to do this. After reading more posts about problems related to outcomes, I am very worried!
The consultant was very nice and offered me "friend n family discount".
I was pressured by consultant to sign up as she had offerred me special pricing. I had mine performed on same day. The consultant told me, only upon asking, that the provider had 10 years experience. Later only to find out as tx began, that she had only performed this tx 25 times!! 4 hours of receiving shocks and literally left shock! I couldnt tolerate the full tx (needed "Extra Lines")and I am suppose to return to complete the superficial level. I'm going to go bc idk what to expect if I don't go. If I can't stand it, I don't know what I'll do.
Wasn't even given copies of my paperwork despite being told I would; had to call and request them. Took 4-5 post office days to receive them.

Jelly Roll now with sagging skin at base of neck

Yes, obviously..it was under before and after pucs by age range. Instead if worrying about that, why aren't you concerned about me and the used car salesman experience I had! I went in at 11 for consultation. Left at 6:30! after full tx with NO pain med offers. I was told no MD present and so no way to give me anything. It was like getting sewn with a hot needle for 4 1/2 hrs. My neck had a roll now and skin sagging to the point where it sits on itself and it wasn't like this before. So uncomfortable, feels like a sunburn all over my neck and I have to wear a scarf to deal with the weird feeling of that sagging skin. Come home from work and wrap my neck with ice pack daily.
Beth arnp

She didn't tell me how painful her own experience was or what to expect, until after tx. I specifically asked consultant and provider bf hand and they both minimized experience. Even stated that some ppl fall asleep during tx. They should have had a nice way to put your hair back and gown so I didn't end up with ultrasound gel all over me. She called next day, I told her I was busy at work and that I had actually meant to swipe phone to decline call. Asked her to call back. She kept asking me questions and when I again asked her to call back bc I was very uncomfortable, she said I could call back. About 10-12 days later, I got a call about next appt and that person was much better to deal with but it's too little too late.

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