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Finally managed to lose my spare tire!


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22 Sep 2016

Updated, 5 months ago

Finally managed to lose my spare tire!

After years of hiding my belly and being unable to lose weight, I decided to invest in lipo. I researched many doctors in the area but Dr. Edelstein was the clear winner. The quote even ended up being far less than I was anticipating as I'd opted to do two areas. Overall, the experience has been very positive. The surgery was quick and the next day, I was up and about--no one had any clue I'd just had a procedure. Getting a flatter stomach has inspired me to work harder at getting in shape and the rest of my body looks much better now too. I'm so glad to know that even if I gain some weight back, my proportions will always be better than before. I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again and highly recommend Dr. Edelstein's clinic to anyone who wants to feel better about their shape.