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Finally Botox done right


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17 Sep 2016

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Finally Botox done right

I have been getting botox on and off for the last few years, most of the time I felt like it was over done and "frozen" - maybe it just wasn't for me. I met with Dr. Mascaro about doing filler, and he quickly talked me out of doing any more fillers (as I had recently done some a few months ago and he felt it would distort my cheeks). This was the first time I had ever been to a doctor who told me "no"...but also WHY. After hearing him explain everything, I completely agreed. He talked to me about botox for my "11s" and doing a "botox brow lift" to open my eyes. People had tried in the past, but it never worked. I am a month out, and IT IS PERFECT. My eyes are open and I just look awake and better. The kicker is that my complaint with the filler...well he was right! It wasn't about more filler, but about botox done right to open my eyes and improve my overall "look". THE BEST.