"Monroe" Facial Piercing Close Up. - Fayetteville, NC

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I want my upper lip piercing closed up with very...

I want my upper lip piercing closed up with very minimal scarring. I just had my first child and I've grown tired of the piercing. I think I've just outgrown it, and it would be nice to have it closed up for job interviews or formal occasions. It's small, and looks good on me- but I want it gone.. Dr. Dickerson and the nurses explained that it could take a long time to heal, everyone heals differently.. Which is understandable, just concerning. They also explained that there would be scarring- which greatly concerned me since it's right on my face- very plain for everyone to see. Dr. Dickerson assured me that my makeup would cover it, which is fine.. But I thought when you went in for plastic surgery, they should be able to keep the scarring to a minimal.. Otherwise I could let the hole close or stitch it on my own- not pay for plastic surgery. I hope that this goes better than they told me it could- but they are doctors- they have to explain worst case scenario so that the patient isn't misled. I'm understanding and hopeful. Dr. Dickerson seemed very knowledgeable and kind.
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I really like Dr. Dickerson so far- when I went in for my consult and to see what the surgery would be like, he was so nice and understanding of my three month old baby.. She was hungry and crying when he came in- I was trying to make her a bottle and he was totally cool- told me to take my time. "I have three kids I know how it is don't worry take your time." Loved this so much- most practitioners are not like this anymore. He explained everything so clearly that I didn't have any questions other than cost. It varies he explained... He didn't give me a straight answer on the cost, which is a concern obviously.. However, I'm hoping because it is such a small hole that it won't be very much.

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