Eyesight Regressed Within Six Months After LASIK

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*Treatment results may vary

Cons: Eyes regressed from post-LASIK 20:15 and...

Cons: Eyes regressed from post-LASIK 20:15 and 20:20 to 20:80 and 20:200 within 6 months. Saw double in one eye and triple in the other. Require contact lenses and glasses, which are difficult to see with. Corneas were too steep for an enhancement, even though beforehand the doc said there'd be enough cornea left for an ehancement

Pro: eyes are only half as bad as they were before the LASIK.

The opthalmologist is one of the original FDA LASIK reasearchers and probably the best LASIK surgeons in the nations. Yet it was never disclosed that the LASIK could improve my eyes and immediately start regressing.


If you are going to get LASIK, have this doc do the surgery. But, if you have significant myopia or any astigmatism, don't have have the surgery done by anyone, including this doc.

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