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So my surgery was yesterday morning, it's been...

So my surgery was yesterday morning, it's been about 40 hours and I'm really happy with my results.. That's sort of the problem I was told that my size will decrease once swelling goes down and I'm done healing. Is this going to be a dramatic decrease or something slightly unnoticeable? I feel anything smaller would be too small :( any feedback will help ladies, thank you!

325cc filled to 350cc saline over the muscle :)

325cc filled to 350cc, too small :(

Feeling like I went too small, should have gone with 375cc but went with 325 filled to 350cc. I'm 5'0, 105 pounds so thought that would be great for me even a little big actually but I'm now 3 days post op and not too happy with my results. They are spaced a little far apart which is strange, my normal breasts weren't like this, and only look big when I don't have anything on. Has anyone else got 350's and ended up seeing a change after a few months, the sad part is they're probably gonna get even smaller once the swelling goes down :( any feedback will help..
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