Fat Injections Work

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I did fat injections to my cheeks because I have...

I did fat injections to my cheeks because I have line indents across my cheeks.

They worked okay but did find the fat wanted to go more above or below the lines.  I think that area needs to be stimulated to get the blood flowing to the cells before the injection so the fat will take there.  That wasn't done but if I did it again I would ask the surgeon how we could do that first.  It's all about strong blood cells for the fat to attach to.

There is no freak show with this as I prefered to get small amounts done several times, less risk.  I didn't freeze the fat, don't know if the fat is as good that way, so I just went several times, stayed awake and he froze an area on my stomach and sucked a bit of fat out. 

Didn't hurt much but I am squeamish about the stomach, the injections in the cheeks was easy.

Watch out about...I had some fat injected into upper lip as well and it went well but after the nurse kept rubbing really hard on my lip trying to get the surgeons felt pen marks off my lips.  I asked her to stop as not a good idea to rub when the fat needs to settle there.

As a result some fat moved up and I have a round bump, small, above my lip and surgeons cannot get it out, they can inject something but it's not worth the risk as it can leave an indent in the area.  So don't let the nurse touch you after.

Price, I had other surgery done with this surgeon so he charged me $700 each time.

when I see prices of 3000 and 5000, I think it is a rip off, it is a simple thing for the surgeon to do and it doesn't take very long.  I don't think it should cost that much.The ones that advertise fat injections seem to charge the most, but many surgeons do it and don't advertise it, they advertise for face lifts and other stuff but have experience in injections.

Just want to make sure the surgeon is board certified and has done many fat injections before.    

I also did juverderm and didn't like it, unnatural looking, doesn't last, not worth it.

Dr. R. Warren

my surgeon did a few surgeries on me and they all worked out natural. He will not overdo the fat injections and has done many of them. He won't do procedures on anyone and won't do any procedure like some surgeons who will do anything practically. He has a good rep and think that is more important to him than money.

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